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Review: Maid For Love - Caroline Mickleson

Maid for Love (A Romantic Comedy)

Review: Maid for Love - Caroline Mickelson - February 2015

Zoe has powers , sometimes it is a curse and other times it is a gift. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade and so Zoe decided to put her gift to work as a career. She has founded "Maid for Love" - a one time cleaning company, that also with Zoe's help has the extra power to make you forget those bad memories or moments in your life. People all around via word of mouth hire her to make situations better by not only treating their wives to a clean house but also the opportunity to wipe the memory from their wife, so that they are back in their good books. One year ago, Zoe was head over heels in love with Michael Archer - they even had a future planned until Zoe walked out . She hasn't seen him since and since she wiped his memories of her, he should have forgotten her. Present time - Michael has hired Maid for Love and is surprised when Zoe turns up on the doorstep , he never forgot how she broke his heart. Zoe still believing he has forgotten gives him the outlook of a stranger. What will happen when old feelings resurface and Zoe discovers the truth of what happened ? How could her power not have worked and why did she leave the relationship if she loved him ? Will Zoe and Michael get a second chance at love or when Zoe tells him the truth about her - will he be the one leaving this time ? 
Maid for Love was a quick novella read with a hint of Romance, Chick Lit and a sprinkle of the supernatural.


New Release, Masters for Life by Ginger Voight

Masters for Life (Masters Saga, #2)
by Ginger Voight

DISCLAIMER: This book is part of a series. Spoilers might be contained in the description. For new readers, start your journey with Devlin and Coralie in MASTERS FOR HIRE, now available everywhere! 

They were two completely different people from two completely different worlds. Within two weeks they were married, for better or worse. 

Their whirlwind romance did nothing to prepare Coralie Masters for what awaited the happy couple back home. Reality crushes the fairytale existence Devlin had created for her in Las Vegas. Ultimately his powerful seductive hold over her cannot protect her from new, powerful forces outside of their marriage that work nonstop to tear them asunder. 

There is much more to fear than her family learning the truth of how and why they met, because there’s much more to Dev’s story that she could ever know. The mystery surrounding Devlin Masters quickly undermines their love story. 

One thing becomes crystal clear. They may be married, but she doesn’t really know this sexy, alluring stranger at all. 

They love each other. They want each other. They can’t stay away from each other. 

But will it be enough? 

The Groupie Saga titillated you. The Fullerton Family Saga broke your heart. We were only getting started. Book Two of the Masters Saga, MASTERS FOR LIFE, turns up all the Ginger Voight angst, drama and sex like never before. 

**Author not responsible for broken Kindles.** 

Intended for readers 18+ for graphic sexual content.

Start the Masters Saga with...

 Master for Hire (Masters Saga, #1)

Ginger Voight is a screenwriter and bestselling author with over twenty published titles in fiction and nonfiction. She covers everything from travel to politics in nonfiction, as well as romance, paranormal, and dark, “ripped from the headlines” topics like Dirty Little Secrets.

 Ginger discovered her love for writing in sixth grade, courtesy of a Halloween assignment. From then on, writing became a place of solace, reflection, and security. This was never more true than when she found herself homeless in L.A. at the age of nineteen. There, she wrote her first novel, Chasing Thunder, longhand on notebook paper, while living out of her car. Fittingly, this book will be the first released through a traditional publisher in 2015.

 In 1995, after she lost her nine-day-old son, she worked through her grief by writing the story that would eventually become The Fullerton Family Saga.

 In 2011, she embarked on a new journey—to publish romance novels starring heroines who look more like the average American woman. These "Rubenesque" romances have developed a following thanks to her bestselling Groupie series. Other titles, such as the highly-rated New Adult series, Fierce, tap into the "reality-TV" preoccupation in American entertainment, which gives her contemporary stories a current, pop culture edge.

 Known for writing gut-twisting angst, Ginger isn’t afraid to push the envelope with characters who are perfectly imperfect. Whether rich, poor, sweet, selfish, gay, straight, plus-size or svelte, her characters are beautifully flawed and three-dimensional. They populate her lavish fictional landscapes and teach us more about the real world in which we live simply through their interactions with each other. Ginger’s goal with every book is to give the reader a little bit more than they were expecting, told through stories they'll never forget.

Unbreakable Release Day Blitz with SE Lund.

Title: Unbreakable Author: S.E. Lund Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance  Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours
The date is set and arrangements are being made for Drake and Kate's wedding. The honeymoon plans are final and renovations to the 8th Avenue apartment are under way. Everything is in place for the start of married life, but not everyone is happy. Both Drake and Kate will experience deeply personal challenges as they face their future together. Is their bond unbreakable? 18+ for mature content. 
S. E. Lund lives with her family of humans and animals in a small city in Western Canada in an old house on a quiet tree-lined street. Besides writing erotic, contemporary and paranormal romance, she writes science fiction and fantasy, science fact, advocates for climate action, plays piano and dreams of living in a warm climate by the ocean. 
Author Links:
Website: www.selund.com
Twitter:  @elizal2012
Buy Links:
Saturday night arrived all too soon.
I’d been busy all day packing the bedroom, and was now finishing up packing my studio, sorting through the tubes of acrylic paint and brushes, deciding which ones to keep for shipping or discard. I wrapped up my canvases and finished taping boxes shut when Drake arrived home from the hospital after spending time signing papers and seeing the last of his patients.
He popped his head in the doorway.
“Hey,” he said, his gaze moving around the room, taking in the emptiness of it, and the boxes piled in the center of the room. “Time to get ready.”
I exhaled heavily, unable to hide the reluctance I felt about going to Michael and Claire’s house for the going away party.
Drake heard me and forced a smile. “I know, I know…” He came over to where I stood surrounded by packing boxes and put his hands on my shoulders. “You don’t have to come if you don’t want to. I’ll understand.”
“It doesn’t matter to you?”
He shook his head. “I’d like to be with you, I’d like you beside me, but I understand if you’d rather not have to face Claire. And Sam.”
“Sam, too?” I said and made a face. Of course I knew Sam would be there along with all the other interns, residents and staff who worked with Drake, as well as faculty from the medical college and some of Drake’s senior students.
“Unfortunately.” Drake bent down and looked in my eyes. “If you come, I promise to keep your hand in mine the entire time we’re there. You won’t have to deal with either of them alone, if that’s what you’re worried about.”
I shook my head. “No, it’s fine. Before the safari, I could have spent time with Claire while you did your rounds with your students and the staff, saying goodbye, but now…”
“Michael promised Claire would be on her best behavior.”
I laughed ruefully at that. What was Claire’s best behavior? I had visions of her standing off to the side of the room, whispering with Sam. It didn’t make me feel like going to the party. It felt more like I would be going to an inquisition.
I had to tell myself that I would be leaving with Drake for Manhattan on Tuesday morning. Soon, Claire and Sam would be far away.
“I’ll be fine,” I said and forced a smile. “I’m a big girl. I’ll hold a drink in my hand and smile, listen to conversations, and try to avoid them both.”
“I’ll have your arm hooked through mine. You’ll be my arm candy.”
“Arm candy?” I said with a laugh. “If you put it that way…”
He pulled me into his arms and rocked me gently back and forth. “Arm candy. Brain candy. Heart candy. All three.”
“When you put it like that, how can I refuse?”
I had a quick shower and dressed, putting on the sundress that Drake liked so much, despite it being informal, but he wanted me to wear it so I complied. Drake came into the bathroom while I was standing in front of the mirror curling my hair and he sat on the edge of the tub, watching me get ready as he liked to do.
“Are you sure this dress is appropriate for tonight?” I asked, catching his eye in the mirror.
“Entirely appropriate. It’s my favorite dress. I want to gaze at you and enjoy how the fabric hugs your curves.”
I smiled to myself and curled a long lock of hair, then tucked it into my updo with a bobby pin.
“You’re ready to go?” I asked as I applied some lip gloss. I checked him out. He looked devastatingly handsome, of course. His black hair was shiny and slightly wild, but incredibly sexy over his dark arched brows and blue blue eyes fringed with thick black lashes.
God, he was gorgeous…

Review: Sweet Liar - Debra Doxer

Sweet Liar (Candy, #2)

Review: Sweet Liar - Book #2 Candy Series - Debra Doxer - October 2015
Book #1 does need to be read first as this series is not a stand-alone.

At the end of Book #1 we saw Candace aka Candy standing with a gun pointed at Jonah aka Cooper's dad and the gun went off. We were then left with a cliffie , which begins the book in Sweet Liar. We learn that the gun didn't kill Jonah's Dad , but in fact made him more angry for vengeance and we discovered more about what Candy's dad does for a living as he is arrested and detained for selling government secrets to the Chinese Government. The thing is though , no-one knows why and how since in this case there is no money trail. Candy is now thrust into a world which her dad was trying to keep her safe from and a world where finding someone to trust is a whole lot harder than finding an enemy as it is every man/woman for themselves and the loyalty of families runs deep in Sweet Liar , where everyone will go to extreme lengths to protect those that they love and will do everything that they can to have the truth hidden as in this case , the truth is a deadly weapon and sometimes lies help soften the blows that will follow. As Candy goes on a lead from her Dad, she will discover truths and secrets about him that implicate him into treason - but what will her thoughts be after she finds out the reason behind what he did ? If you love adventure , assassins and action with a high school twist to it , then check out Sweet Liar by Debra Doxer today - Book #2 in the Candy Series.

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Release blitz for 'Cursed Black Swan' by Ryan T. McFadden

Cursed: Black Swan
A Fixer Novel
By- Ryan T. McFadden
Genre- Fantasy/Dark Fantasy
Published By- Dragon Moon Press
Publication Date-October 30th

"Let's get one thing straight—I'm a fixer. You need someone murdered? Then hire an assassin. You need something stolen? Call a thief. But if there's something no one else can do, or a job that no one else wants, then you talk to me."
Nathaniel specializes in the strange, the weird, and the dangerous. But no matter how far he runs, he can't leave behind his bloody past, nor the ghosts that chase him.
His latest job was supposed to be simple—recover the sword Black Swan. Except there's no such thing as a simple job. When the operation goes bad, the Crucifiers, the Crooked Hand, assassins, and Crusaders are all hot on Nathaniel's trail...for a sword he doesn't even have. All he has to do to get it back and set his world right is to find the woman of his dreams...and kill her.


No Trouble at All Release Blitz - Lisa Acerbo

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It's a bad day for Sophie Carter when she stumbles across a dead body in the woods. But when the suspected murderer turns out to be a leather-clad vagabond who died in 1889, her carefully controlled quiet life explodes. Not only is Sophie in the wrong place at the wrong time, as a local history buff who loves old legends, she knows too much about the past to remain uninvolved. Trouble is a killer and no one can escape.

Detective Jackson Lynch asks Sophie to help him decipher the legend of the Old Leather Man and unravel the mystery of the murdered woman. Going against her best judgment, Sophie joins forces with the distractingly sexy detective on the police investigation and in pursuit of a killer. Jackson is hot to solve the case as they follow the clues through Connecticut and New York State, uncovering both legend and fact.

As they move closer to solving the murder, a series of missteps cause Sophie to end up in Jackson’s arms and straight in the media. Trouble is everywhere. Jackson’s career begins to crumble and Sophie becomes a suspect in the heinous crime. The case unravels. The past and present collide. Sophie is swept into more danger than she could ever imagine when the Old Leather Man comes looking for her hide to tan.


Sophie loved to hike and run, continuously finding new trails to explore in the vicinity. She enjoyed the convenience of living forty-five minutes outside New York City, just over the New York border in Glenville, Connecticut. The town was far enough away that she could still immerse herself in nature, but close enough to the city that she could attend concerts, events, and culture when she needed a change. She explored the abundant state parks and open green spaces that abounded close by, enjoying the diversity found in the change of seasons.

Today was a little different. Sophie had departed for her run from her home in southern Connecticut much later than anticipated. A fender bender at the local Starbucks in Greenwich delayed her further.

In her defense, she had just tapped the back of the other car when she backed out of her parking space. There had been minimal damage. The white haired older couple, Fran and Frank Bunkowsky, while a tad grouchy about what the dent might mean for their insurance, were overall relatively pleasant.

They even invited Sophie for tea the next day.

Then Sophie had driven the thirty odd miles to the Pound Ridge Reservation, looking forward to an energizing run.

But her morning continued to be troubled.

As she locked her car and began to stretch, sweat streamed from her brow in large droplets. The autumn day in the forests of the outer suburbs of New York City had turned muggy. At the entrance of the trail where she planned to begin her run, the day turned angrier and even more unseasonably hot for September. The threat of thunderstorms darkened the skies. To top it off, she had forgotten both bug spray and bottled water, making the jaunt through the woods not nearly as relaxing or therapeutic as expected.

The sky was troubled; her day was troubled.

She could not shake the premonition that things were about to get worse.

This wasn’t the first time she had felt that way. Probably would not be the last. Nature, at least, offered solace and peace.

She began to run the trail.

For the last few years since she had quit her job at the hospital because she just couldn’t handle watching people die anymore, Sophie regularly came here to watch the maple, beech, and birch trees turn shades of leafy avocado green in Springtime and then morph to bright yellows, reds, and oranges in the Fall.

This was one of the prettiest areas to visit year round. She loved the changes that came month by month making each trip unique. While a few tree leaves had swapped green for yellow, it was still too early in September for a dramatic seasonal display.

Gnats, on the other hand, were in full force, swarming around her curly brown ponytail like tiny fighter jets while leaving every other hiker she passed on the trail alone. They must like her shampoo. The ecstatic bugs were drawn to her chestnut curls like it was irresistible gnat candy.


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Lisa Acerbo is a high school teacher and holds an EdD in Educational Leadership. She lives in Connecticut with her husband, daughters, three cats, and horse. She is the author of Apocalipstick and has contributed to local newspapers, news and travel blogs including The Patch and Hollywood Scriptwriter.

Lisa Acerbo is a high school teacher and holds an EdD in Educational Leadership. She lives in Connecticut with her husband, daughters, three cats, and horse. She is the author of Apocalipstick and has contributed to local newspapers, news and travel blogs including The Patch and Hollywood Scriptwriter.
Author Links

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Visit www.destinyauthor.us to meet the characters, Sophie & Jackson!

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Book Blast Chalkboard Romance (Cowboy, Mine Boxset) by Melissa Keir‏

Chalkboard Romance by Melissa Keir 
Part of Cowboy, Mine... He'll Leave You Breathless...

Will a One Night Stand prove to be their disaster or their salvation? 

Lauren Walsh, a divorcee and elementary teacher, wants to feel sexy again after her ex tosses her aside for a younger woman. Her best friend encourages her to sign up for The Playhouse--a renowned dating agency. Forced to stay away from his young son, Mac Thomas lost the ability to trust. After the death of his wife, he returned to care for his son but his sister wants more for him. She sets him up with The Playhouse. 

Passion ignites but Mac’s a parent of one of Lauren’s students. A teacher and a parent dating could cost Lauren her job and her chance at happiness. Will Mac be able to convince the school and Lauren, that love is the most important thing? 

Buy Links: Amazon Kindle    Amazon Print 


She allowed her friend to drag her back toward the dressing rooms while poor Cherri followed with gigantic piles of clothing and undergarments. Thank goodness they were currently the only customers in the place, there was no way she would parade in front of others in what they will make her try on.

After a while she had to admit the two women had a certain high-class taste for suggestive yet sensual clothing. Ten or more outfits later, her nervousness faded. She was starting to look at this as an adventure. Mel as well as Cherri voiced their opinions on different outfits. Some of their comments shocking her, while others had her laughing outright. Quite a few times, Melanie needed to rush in to help Lauren with the intricacies of some of the attire. One dress happened to be mostly straps which strategically covered only the naughty bits.

“A no way on this one,” she called out, “I want my body to look sexy, not red from all the rubbing.”

A variety of little black dresses slipped on and off her body in a matter of moments. Flaws with each of them. “I don’t know black isn’t the best color for me. It makes me look washed-out. Let’s try some other colors.”

Cherri quickly selected more dresses, bustiers, thigh-high stockings, and barely-there thongs. Trying each on, Lauren felt like a live Barbie doll. They’d pick out the clothes. She’d try them on then parade for their approval. None of the outfits screamed the one yet.

A blue jersey dress with a sweeping hemline caught Lauren’s gaze. “If I need help getting into these here, who’s going to help me get dressed in Chicago?” Lauren shouted. She pulled the blue dress over her head. The fabric hugged her figure. The uneven hemline made her legs look even longer. Hmm. This one isn’t bad. Lauren twirled in the mirror to get the full effect. She ran her hands over her waist then down her hips, feeling the silky fabric under her hands. The dress hugged her curves, making her feel sexy. She opened the curtain with a flourish.

“Oh wow!”

Lauren smiled at Melanie’s encouraging reaction.

“Your date will be helping you out of that dress! Damn girl. You look so good. The neckline shows off your girls and the blue makes your eyes seem bigger, too. This dress is a keeper. This guy is definitely going to want to strip you and eat you alive when he sees you.”

The pile of clothes to try on dwindled down to nothing while the pile of keepers grew exponentially. The black dresses lay discarded along with the strap number. The corsets and bustiers—also no-gos. Those outfits made her feel like a dominatrix—way outside her comfort zone. The black widow corset she’d tried on only made Cherri and Melanie laugh before suggesting they buy her a whip.

~Watch the Trailer~

~About the Author~

Melissa Keir has always wanted to be an author when she wasn’t hoping for a career as a race car driver. Her love of books was instilled by her mother and grandparents who were avid readers. She’d often sneak books away from them so that she could fantasize about those strong alpha males and plucky heroines. In middle school and high school, Melissa used to write sappy love poems and shared them with her friends and still has those poems today! In college her writing changed to sarcastic musings on life as well as poems with a modern twist on fairy tales and won awards for her writing. You can find many of these musings along with her latest releases on her website and blog.

As a writer, Melissa likes to keep current on topics of interest in the world of writing. She’s a member of the Romance Writers of America, Mid-Michigan RWA Chapter, and EPIC. She is always interested in improving her writing through classes and seminars.

Melissa doesn’t believe in down time. She’s always keeping busy. Melissa is a wife and mother, an elementary school teacher, a book reviewer, an editor for a publishing company as well as an author. Her home blends two families and is a lot like the Brady Bunch, without Alice- a large grocery bill, tons of dirty dishes and a mound of laundry. She loves to write stories that feature happy endings and is often seen plotting her next story.

Author Links:   Site   Blog   Facebook   Facebook Author Page     Twitter

Other stories in the boxset are....

Texas Haven Kathleen Ball

Can love shine through the clouds of treachery and misunderstanding?

Advertising for a wife seems like the answer to all of Burke Dawson's problems. He wants a wife and kids without emotional attachments, but he has no idea how much havoc one woman can cause. 

Annie Douglas has her heart set on her hunky cowboy's love and she isn't about to stop until she gets it.

Take Me Home, Cowboy by Krista Ames

When tragedy strikes, will building tension and pride destroy a growing attraction or show them the way home?

Ally Kincaid returns to Rock Creek, Wyoming, to see her father after a two year absence. Anticipating a quiet family reunion, she finds herself butting heads with Matt Gentry—her father’s foreman—instead. The man’s arrogance and sexy drawl push all her buttons, making her wonder what he’s hiding beneath his cowboy swagger. 

When tragedy strikes, will building tension and pride destroy their growing attraction or show them the way home?

Honeymoon Ranch by Cheryl Gorman

Can two reluctant partners ride off into their own blissful sunset on Honeymoon Ranch? 

When wedding planner, Summer Conroy, discovers she has inherited half of Silver Creek Ranch, she is stunned to learn the other half is owned by sexy cowboy, Bryce Jericho. Her idea of turning the ranch

into an exclusive wedding and honeymoon destination is met with a wall of resistance from Bryce who doesn’t want his ranch ruined with a bunch of wedding nonsense. He is determined to conceal his vulnerable heart that beats in fear of being betrayed again. Will this woman with dreams of happily-ever-after in her eyes transform his fear into love everlasting?

Until You Fall in Love by Lyssa Layne 

Can a longtime friendship suddenly blossom into love? 

Single mom Jordan Glastetter doesn't know how she'd survive without her best friend, Abram Tomko. He's the father her son never knew and he's the rock she's always leaned on. 

When Abram's father suffers a heart attack, it's Abram's turn to depend on Jordan, finally seeing her as the woman she's become and not the little girl he grew up with. 

Will they risk their friendship for a chance at love? 

The Cowboy’s Baby by D’Ann Lindun 

Cat wanted to keep her baby: Tanner insisted she give it up...can they find common ground seventeen years later? 

Cat O’Brien left her heart in Granite, Colorado, seventeen years ago—her first love, Tanner Burke, and the baby girl she gave birth to at sixteen. Suddenly, both Tanner’s high school sweetheart and the teenage daughter they gave up for adoption are back in his life. 

Cat is adamant their daughter keep her baby; Tanner isn’t as sure. Just like seventeen years before, he and Cat are butting heads over the fate of an unborn child.

VBT# Finding Emma - K.Ryan

Finding Emma

Review: Finding Emma - K.Ryan - October 2015

As a voracious reader, you do find yourself clicking better with some books than others as some you fall in love from the first page, whereas others can take a wee while to get into and for me Finding Emma was one of those reads where I struggled with the book. We first met Emma when she gets home and she is reading a text from her brother Noah, whom we can guess from the interaction she tries to avoid. From this part, we can guess that Emma has had an awful experience from her growing up with the family and it has caused her to run away and start a new life without them. Somewhere where she can just be left alone to her own devices and no-one knows about her past, so it can stay hidden. Of course, as readers know and in reality too - the past never stays hidden and often more so in books - the past comes back in tenfold and can knock us flying and make us feel like we are losing control and this is what happens to Emma. The other thing we know by reading books is that there is normally an event or a person of the opposite sex - mostly the latter that will be the cause of our unravelling and eventually with a whole lot of up's and downs will help us confront that past and if we are lucky - the main character will end up with this person and the book will finish with an HEA ending. In Finding Emma - that guy is Finn - her new neighbour , the catalyst and changing point though is a lost stray cat which was a different twist, which I did like. 
If you are in the mood for an Edgy New Adult Novel with a Self-Discovery Journey storyline , then check out Finding Emma by K.Ryan today.

VBT# Until I Met You - S.L Scott

Until I Met You

Review: Until I Met You - S.L Scott - October 2015

First off, Until I Met You is a book that everybody has to read as it was such an amazing read and keeps you engrossed right till the very last page and you can't help but hope that everything will work out in Taylor and Jude's favour and that the rest of the characters can just go jump off a bridge for all you care and that they can leave Taylor and Jude alone to be happy and live their lives in peace. The book starts off with Jude in a room and at first glance we think it is a prison type room , then it jumps to a party where Jude aka Judith meets Taylor - the two get off to a rocky start as Jude brings out another hidden side of Taylor but the pair can't help but be drawn to one another. Thus begins the week of a lifetime where this couple bond like crazy. Then Jude disappears to her "reality" and we discover that for Jude - all is not rainbows and sunshines . Jude's life reminded me a bit of the movie The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment -as you will read on you will discover why. All Taylor wants is Jude back in his life and we discover that Taylor has a illness which he is hiding as well and just wants to live his life to the max and it seems he has found that with Jude. The couple eventually elope, but unfortunately their happiness ends their as Jude is forced to return back to her family and is in more danger and Taylor has a relapse and ends in hospital. Is this pair destined to get their HEA and be free of the world that holds them in restraints and rules ? The marriage part with the court and annulment issues  reminded me of the autumn movie I have just watched recently on Hallmark Channel - Autumn Dreams which tugged at my heartstrings.
This is one book that everyone has to read as it has something for everyone from Health issues , Edgy Topics, Dysfunctional Families, Romances , Horrible Exes , Dramas and Secrets/Lies.
This is definitely going on my Top 2015 reads List.

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