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Review: Flutter - Gina Linko

Looking for a new teen book to read ? Want to add another one to your reading wishlist ?
Coming to you in stores October 2012 is.........
Review: Flutter - Gina Linko - October 2012
Do you love time-travelling novels ? Books like Tempest by Julie Cross , The Time Traveller's Wife and The Guardian Angel's Journal by Carolyn Jess-Cooke ?
If you enjoy those books, then you will enjoy Gina Linko's  novel "Flutter". Set in the modern time we meet Emery, ever since she was little she has been having what she calls "the loops". From the outside world, it looks like she is having seizures but to her , she is time-travelling to a parallel world - whether it be in the past or future times.  Sick of being locked up and treated like a lab rat, Emery after her recent loops become more vivid and contain the same boy and area , with her friend Gia's help, Emery breaks out of the hospital and heads to the town Esperanza . It is here, that she meets fellow drifter Ash - there is something about Ash that seems really familiar and Emery thinks it is connected to her loops. When things start getting a bit eerie and Emery discovers evil is out to get her , Can Ash and Emery escape and start a new life or are Emery's time travelling skills something else , something more sinister and valuable? 
An amazing story that keeps the reader reading more in anticipation to find out the connection between Ash and Emery.  I look forward to reading future works by Gina Linko.

Reaching Through Time: Three Novellas by Mcdaniel, Lurlene
Both Sides of Time by Cooney, Caroline B
Out of Time by Cooney, Caroline B
Tempest by Cross, Julie.
Wake Series by McMann, Lisa.


Review: Unlikely Praise - Carla Rossi

On the lookout for a Christian novel filled with Worship ?
Review: Unlikely Praise - Carla Rossi - March 2012
Do you love reading Christian based novels ? Into your music ?
Unlikely Praise by Carla Rossi brings together a group of the most unlikely candidates representing their church as The worship Team.
Candi Canaberry has been leading the worship team at her local church , running away and starting a new fresh image of herself. As her father in Austin Don Canaberry is currently doing time for fraud , he is the guy that ruined multiple musicians etc. 
Enter Shade aka Samuel , he was a former Rock n Roll star headed to fame when tragedy struck killing his friend and leaving him a wreck , his girlfriend at the time who was pregnant left him. Now on the road to recovery , Shade is wanting to earn redemption.  When Shade and Candi who are opposites meet and get off on the wrong foot , can they mend the fences and prove opposites do attract ?
What happens though, when they are both sent to Austin for a Church conference , can the pair confront their evil pasts in order to move on with their lives or will their hidden secrets come back to bite them on the bum ?
Find out all this and more in "Unlikely Praise".

New Releases : By The Blood of Heroes

Looking for a New Zombie Read ? Love War Stories ?

Synopsis : By the Blood of Heroes - Book #1 The Great Undead War - Joseph Nassise- May 2012
An alternate history zombie novel set during World War I that blends the take-no-prisoners heroic grit of Inglorious Basterds with the irreverent inventiveness of Dawn of the Dead.
At the end of 1917, the increasingly desperate Germans introduce a new gas to the battlefield: T-Leiche-"corpse gas"-that radically alters the face of the war. Ulike other chemical weapons that attack the living, T-Leiche resurrects the bodies of the dead, giving the enemy an almost unlimited, if not quite fresh, source of troops.
When legendary Allied pilot and war poster-boy Major Jack Freeman is shot down and taken captive by the Germans, veteran Captain Michael "Madman" Burke is the only man fearless and wild enough to try to rescue the American Ace. With a small squad of heroes-his right-hand man Sergeant Moore, Clayton Manning, the filthy rich big-game hunter turned soldier, and professor Dan Richards, Tesla protege and the resident authority on all things supernatural-Burke must traverse the putrid ground of no man's land to infiltrate the enemy's lines.
Using an experimental drilling vehicle, the team faces incredible danger and finds risk and peril at every turn, including ruthless traitor smugglers and marauding bands of the Kaiser's undead. But only when they arrive at the prison camp is the true importance of their mission unveiled.
Now, they just have to get back to their own trenches-if they can stay undead, that is.

Eyes to See by Nassise, Joseph,
Boneshaker by Priest, Cherie
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Austen, Jane
World War Z by Brooks, Max
Monster Island by Wellington, David,

Review: Yours Truly - Karen Cogan

Looking for a nice quick Christian novella to read ?
Review: Yours Truly - Karen Cogan - January 2012
If you are wanting a quick and fast read ? Something that is light, romantic and has a Christian focus, then Yours Truly is for you. Yours Truly takes us into the lives of Scott and Melissa , they have known each other and been together in a sense since College and things are starting to look up for them in terms of creating a future together. On an romantic getaway, Scott proposes to Melissa but soon tragedy strikes and Scott is left hanging onto his life. It is during the hospital stay that Scott meets and learns about God and soon he has become a Christian and hopes to follow in God's way.  His sudden involvement with God and all things Christian, though causes a rift between him and Melissa and soon Melissa feels that unless she gets on board with this Christian and God thing, she may no longer have a future with Scott. Can Melissa find her way into following God , will she realise that his way his the only way ? 
The only downside I had with this book which is why it rated a 4P instead of 5P is that it glossed over certain parts and the ending was quite abrupt.  
Other than that though, Yours Truly was a sweet tale about two lovers steps from Non-Christians to Christians.

Review: Faking Faith - Josie Bloss

Looking for a new Christian Teen Fiction novel to read ? One that contains a little bit of Edginess ?
faking faith book cover
Review: Faking Faith -Josie Bloss - November 2011
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to create an alter-ego ? Would it start to take over your life ? What type of person would you make your alter ego to be ?
Meet, Dylan Mahoney. She thought she had it all , a great boyfriend, friends until one day her boyfriend dumped her and Dylan took to his car with a golf club and the next thing she knows it , is that a picture of herself topless that she sent to Brandon has ended up on everyone's phones and computers. Suspended and grounded , with no life and no friends, Dylan turns to the Internet and starts googling until she comes across a group of blogs written by Fundamentalist Christians. One of the girls in particular Abigail, captures and inspires Dylan to start up her own site and soon Dylan has created a new alter-ego for herself "Faith the Fundamentalist Christian". Soon Abigail and Faith become the best of online friends, and when Faith aka Dylan goes to visit Abigail , her dream life starts to show cracks. Sooner than later , Dylan is forced to choose whether she wishes to keep living a lie as Faith or should she tell her new-found friend who she really is ?
A nice novel which holds not only a strong Christian background but also touches on the edgier topics like Sexting.

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Review: A Dash of Reality - Lee Murray

Are you on the lookout for a new Chick Lit novel to read ? Wanting to discover a new author ?
Check out today's review , an author not only from my country of New Zealand but also my current town of Tauranga.
The book is available for International Peeps on Amazon and for those in New Zealand the book is available from Oceanbooks
Review: A Dash of Reality - Lee Murray- November 2011
Have you ever picked up a book and have not wanted to put it down until the very last page ? Not just because it is an awesome read but because you can picture yourself in the book , travel with the character ? I'm not normally the type of person who feels they travel through to the places the characters been but as A Dash of Reality was sent not only in New Zealand but the main gist of the story in Tauranga , where I live. The book itself was almost an interactive novel as I imagined myself in the different parts of Tauranga- running along The Strand , looking out over the Tauranga Harbour and Papamoa Hills , going with Caro to Riding with the Disabled. I found the experience of reading A Dash of Reality amazing :)
A Dash of Reality takes us into the life of Melanie Short , she has been the poster girl for Sportzgirl - the last seven years . Now with the recession hitting and sales down , it seems that her job is in tatters and Melanie finds herself fired. Worried about how she is going to survive, Melanie whilst flipping channels and being a couch potato comes across a TV show and a magazine article about Obesity and Fitness. With an idea to save not only her job but to boost Sportzgirl's ratings, Melanie implements a fitness reality show with the main sport - Running. Along with half-a-dozen other New Zealand contestants, Melanie finds herself as one of the contestants on the show but unfortunately for Melanie her and exercise does not mix. Armed with Olaf the trainer , Melanie must now spend the next few months training in order to win the show and hopefully boost her career. What will happen though, when it seems that Melanie in order to go places has to pretend to date co-star Rico , will her relationship with Jack hit the rocks ? A Dash of Reality is a novel that describes the lengths that one girl would go to , to save her career and boost her own ratings, even if it means that one must sacrifice the one thing they love the most. Will Melanie sacrifice Love for her Career or will she discover that sometimes having both in moderate helpings is the way to go ?

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Review: The Hunt - Andrew Fukuda

On the lookout for a new Dystopian novel ? Did you enjoy The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner ?
Review: The Hunt - Book #1 The Hunt Series - Andrew Fukuda- May 2012
Up until recently, I was never a really big fan of Dystopian but with the sudden surge in the genre , it is hard not to read half a dozen Dystopian novels and then end up going OMG , I actually enjoy these types of books. What is Dystopian to all you adults out there ? Think 1984 but modernized and written for the Teenage audience.  From the very first page, Andrew Fukuda's new book "The Hunt " has you captivated as you are drawn into a world which seemed to be a cross between The Hunted by Cheryl Rainfield , The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and The Maze Runner by James Dashner. In this world , there are two types of people =- the fanged and the Hepers , which actually sounds like Leper which in the way they are treated sounds about right. We meet Gene, he is one of the last few remaining Hepers who have been trained to live amongst the Hunters and pretend to be one of them rather than exposing himself as a true heper. Once a decade, there are games held called "The Hunt" in which like The Hunger Games , your name is drawn in a lottery which a series of numbers attached to each name. Gene's name is called and now he must train with a group of Hunters in order to kill the Hunted - Hepers. As the story goes along, we read as Gene finds it hard to blend in as his human qualities start to shine through especially our sweat - which is apparently extremely pungent. A fast paced book that once you start you will not want to put down as you are holding your breath from page to page. This is one series that I am looking forward to Book #2 The Prey being released as to continue on the story which is set Eleven years before The Hunt .

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