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RELEASE BLITZ - Terrible Lie by A.K. Evans

Title: Terrible Lie
Series: Rock Stars & Romance #5
Author: A.K. Evans
Genre: Rock Star Romance
Release Date: December 28, 2021


Magnolia Glenn knows all about hardship. She also knows about working hard.

So, when times get tough, she does what she has to do. Even if it means doing the wrong thing for all the right reasons.

Killian Scott has lead a life of comfort and fortune as a guitarist for a world-renowned rock band. Seeing a woman who needs his help at a show, he doesn’t hesitate to wade in.

When the show is over, Magnolia’s not exactly upset that the man she’s had a celebrity crush on for years invites her backstage.

Killian and Magnolia instantly hit it off, and it isn’t long before the two are entirely consumed with one another.

But just because she lucked out at the show doesn’t mean that Magnolia’s troubles have disappeared.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Magnolia knows she told a terrible lie.

So, when the truth finally comes out, Magnolia isn’t sure Killian will ever forgive her.



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Releasing January 25


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A.K. Evans is a contemporary romance author of over twenty published novels. While she enjoys writing a good romantic suspense novel, Andrea’s favorite books to write have been her extreme sports romances. That might have something to do with the fact that she, along with her husband and two sons, can’t get enough of extreme sports. 

Before becoming a writer, Andrea did a brief stint in the insurance and financial services industry and managed her husband’s performance automotive business. That love of extreme sports? She used to drive race cars! 

When Andrea isn’t writing, she can be found homeschooling her two sons, doing yoga, snowboarding, reading, or traveling with her family. She and her husband are currently taking road trips throughout the country to visit all 50 states with their boys.


RELEASE BLITZ - Cruel Lies by Faith Summers

Title: Cruel Lies
Series: Cruel Secrets Duet #1
Author: Faith Summers
Genre: Dark New Adult College Romance
Release Date: December 28, 2021


He’s my villain, my monster, my forbidden path…

Caspian Ivanov and I come from the same dark world.
One where the Bratva and the secret society reign.
And, he’s the son of their ruthless leader.

“I’ll destroy you.”
That’s the last thing he said to me.
It was on the night of the Reaping.
Hard to believe we were ever best friends.
His vengeance is, however, the price I pay for keeping a secret I shouldn’t have kept.
A secret that ripped our families apart.
It made us forbidden to each other.
That’s when he became the viperous devil.
Breathtakingly beautiful but with a cold black heart.
Like any snake, he wanted to poison me.

When our paths collide at Raventhorn University, I stay away from him.
What I don’t expect is to become his obsession.
Or to be forced to become his wife.

Except, we might not get to say I do.
Because someone wants me dead.

Cruel Lies is the first part of the Cruel Secrets Duet and is NOT standalone.
It is a dark mafia/ secret society college bully romance filled with mystery, suspense, and plenty of sizzling hot steamy scenes.

Please be warned this book is DARK. It contains dubious and other triggering situations that some readers might find offensive or be sensitive to. Please don't read if any of that bothers you.

The Cruel Secrets Duet is set in the Raventhorn world.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Releasing January 14


Faith Summers is the Dark Contemporary Romance pen name of USA Today Bestselling Author, Khardine Gray.
Warning!! Expect wild romance stories of the scorching hot variety and deliciously dark romance with the kind of alpha male bad boys best reserved for your fantasies.
Dive in and enjoy her naughty page-turners.


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VBT# My Darling Husband - Kimberly Belle

My Darling Husband

VBT# My Darling Husband - Kimberly Belle - March 2022

This book was an interesting read as I wanted to first read it as I have enjoyed this author's previous works and I love my thrillers. As I started reading it, it was written in the format of an interview with the husband aka Cam. The book then jumped to months prior when Jade is picking her daughter up from music and she swears a guy is stalking her. She calls Cam and he says it's nothing to worry about and we see Cam dealing with a fire at one of his restaurants. When Jade gets home, a man is standing there with a gun and so begins a journey of a home invasion as Jade and her kids are held hostage by a masked intruder. The masked intruder we learn knows the family too well and wants Cam to pay. As he reveals his story, we discover that all isn't happy and perfect with Jade and Cam and that he has been keeping a truckload of secrets from her and the Bees aka Baxter and Beatrix. When the kidnapper asks for money, can Cam rustle it up or will the truth of his debt come to light, and by the end of the night - it will be Cam who loses his family? My Darling Husband is a past/present novel as we have the present which is Cam telling his side of the story to a reporter and then the past which is the events that took place on that fateful day of August 6th. I enjoyed this book as with the interview, it left lots of speculation right through the book and had you guessing how the story was going to end. If you love mysteries and psychological thrillers and family suspense stories, then you will love Kimberly Belle's new upcoming story "My Darling Husband" and one to add to your lists for 2022.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3ssfwcV

How to Cowboy by Jennie Marts Book Blitz

How to Cowboy
Jennie Marts
(Creedence Horse Rescue, #3)
Published by: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publication date: December 28th 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

For fans of Carolyn Brown, Maisey Yates, and Jennifer Ryan, this steamy, emotional cowboy romance has all your favorites:

  • A hunky single dad showing his daughter the ropes
  • A heroine looking for a fresh start
  • Leaning on each other through hard times
  • Irresistible attraction
  • Rescue horses and ranch animals with lots of personality

How do you heal a broken heart?

After one injury too many, Cade Callahan gave up the rodeo for a simpler life working at his cousin’s horse rescue ranch. But his life turns upside down when his estranged daughter is placed in his custody after a tragic car accident. Wanting nothing to do with her father, thirteen-year-old Allie struggles to adjust to her new life.

Newly single and living out of her mother’s basement, physical therapist Nora Fisher doesn’t think twice about taking a job as a traveling therapist for Cade’s daughter. The trouble is, she doesn’t know anything about horses, or hunky cowboys. Now both in way over their heads, can Cade and Nora find a way to help Allie, and trust in the attraction building between them?

Praise for Jennie Marts:
“Full of hope, humor, and undeniable swoon.”—A.J. Pine, USA Today bestselling author
“Funny, complicated, and irresistible. Sometimes a cowboy isn’t perfect but you got to love him anyway.”—Jodi Thomas, New York Times bestselling author, for Caught Up in a Cowboy
“The perfect blend of humor, grit, and sexy cowboy spice. Delicious!”—Kari Lynn Dell, award-winning and bestselling author, for Wish Upon a Cowboy
“Deliciously steamy but still sweet, with a secret at its heart.”—Joanne Kennedy, award-winning and bestselling author, for Wish Upon a Cowboy

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo / Google Play


Cade flinched at the sound of her bedroom door slamming. He leaned his shoulder against the side of the house and let out a sigh. “I don’t get it. What did I say?”

Nora put a hand on his arm. “Nothing. She’s a teenager, so her moods are going to be all over the place.”

“But I thought things were going so well. She was even laughing at lunch.”

“Which might be part of the problem. Remember, she just lost her mom and has been uprooted to this new place. She might feel guilty for having fun or for enjoying this farm—like if she starts to like you and Bryn too much, that it will be a betrayal to her mom.”

“You might be right.” He offered her a smile. “What’s that advice gonna cost me?”

She grinned up at him. “One baked ziti dinner.”

“Done. I’ll even throw in a slice of pie.” He tried to laugh, but the anguish of the situation was getting to him, and he dropped his chin to his chest. “Ya know, I consider myself a pretty tough guy, but this parenting stuff is rough.”

Nora took a step toward him. “I have to warn you that I’m a hugger by nature, and it’s killing me not to be able to offer you a hug. Like I’m totally comin’ in hot right now, so if you don’t want to be smothered in a hug, you need to stop me now.”

The idea of wrapping his arms around Nora had emotions burning his throat. Which was weird since his feelings toward women weren’t generally led by his heart. But something about this woman, with her sunny attitude and her giving nature was getting to him. He opened his arms, and she stepped into them and wrapped herself around him.

He let out his breath as she sunk into him, and he bent his head and buried his face in her hair. “You feel good,” he whispered, then cleared his throat. “I mean this feels good.”

“So do you,” she murmured into his chest.

She pulled back, but he wasn’t ready to let her go and kept his arms circled around her waist. She looked up at from under long eyelashes, and he couldn’t tear his eyes away.

There was something here. He knew it, and he was sure she did too. The electricity between them was almost visible as if it shimmered in the air. They’d been teasing and flirting and touching the last few days, but this felt different. This was more than playful flirtation.

He dropped his gaze to her mouth and wanted to groan. Her lips were plump and parted, as if just begging to be kissed.

He leaned down and softly grazed her lips with his—not quite a kiss but enough to feel the soft catch of her breath and the delicious enticement of her mouth.

“What’s this going to cost me?” he whispered, but he already knew the answer.

It was going to cost him everything.

Author Bio:

Jennie Marts is the USA TODAY Best-selling author of award-winning books filled with love, laughter, and always a happily ever after. Readers call her books "laugh out loud" funny and the "perfect mix of romance, humor, and steam." Fic Central claimed one of her books was "the most fun I've had reading in years.”

She is living her own happily ever after in the mountains of Colorado with her husband, two dogs, and a parakeet that loves to tweet to the oldies. She's addicted to Diet Coke, adores Cheetos, and believes you can't have too many books, shoes, or friends.

Her books include the contemporary western romance Hearts of Montana series, the romantic comedy/ cozy mysteries of The Page Turners series, the hunky hockey-playing men in the Bannister family in the Bannister Brothers Books, and the small-town romantic comedies in the Lovestruck series of Cotton Creek Romances.

Jennie loves to hear from readers. Follow her on Facebook at Jennie Marts Books, or Twitter at @JennieMarts. Visit her at www.jenniemarts.com and sign up for her newsletter to keep up with the latest news and releases.

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Review: Vanished - Kendra Elliot

Vanished (Callahan & McLane, #1)

Review: Vanished - Book #1 Callahan and McLane Series - Kendra Elliot - June 2014

Scrolling through my kindle looking for a book to reach my 350th read for the year, I came across a mystery read from Kendra Elliot as she is one of my favorite indie mystery female authors. I have read a few later books that featured Mason Callahan and Ava McLane and Vanished it shows how the two characters met.  One of Mason's CI has just been murdered and during the investigation, he gets a call from his ex-wife Robin. She needs his help as her stepdaughter Henley has been abducted on her way to school this morning. Mason arrives and the FBI is there and here he will become the family liaison and he will meet Ava who will be one of the main FBI agents on the case. As the book goes along though, it looks like someone might be targeting the family as Mason's son Jake ends up also getting abducted.  However, Mason is dealing with his problems as someone is going out of their way to set Mason up for the murder of his CI. Who hates Mason this much? In later books, we read about the dynamics between Ava and her twin sister Jayne and in Vanished - we catch a glimpse of Ava and Jayne's personalities and how opposites the girls are. If you love mysteries, FBI, and crime novels and enjoy authors like Melinda Leigh and Melinda Woodhall, then you will enjoy Kendra Elliot's stories.  The other thing I do enjoy is that even though her books are part of a series, each story can be read as a stand-alone thriller.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3qxPItl

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