Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Review: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - Marilyn Kaye

Are you following my reviews of Marilyn Kaye's series "Gifted". We have had Book #1 and #4 featured on The Phantom Paragrapher, so readers today .... Get ready for Book #3 - Emily's Story.
Review: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - Book #3 Gifted Series - Marilyn Kaye - 2009
Following the Gifted Series , in which we meet a classroom of teens - all from different walks of life and social statuses with one thing in common. They all possess a special ability that others do not have. For Amanda - it is the gift of body snatching , Ken has the gift of hearing the dead and Tracey - the ability to go invisible. In Here Today, Gone Tomorrow we meet Emily - her gift is that she has future premonitions though we are about to learn that besides the class , she is alone and her gift has plagued her and the worst thing is that sometimes her visions can be muddled or worse- not even come true as things can change in the course of the day. Emily has been having visions that her classmates one by one are disappearing , and when she arrives at school - the first classmate is gone and the next and so forth, until four students are gone. Emily finds herself one of those to go missing . It seems that somebody has learnt their hidden secrets and want to use them for evil and in Book #3 , they want to use the gifts to rob banks for them. Can Emily help use her visions to discover where those kidnapped are ?
Find out in Gifted #3 - Here Today , Gone Tomorrow and stay tuned as I review more in the Gifted series by Marilyn Kaye.
P.S - If you haven't checked out her single novel Penelope - Do so as it was awesome and has also been made into a film starring Christina Ricci , James McAvoy and Reese Witherspoon.

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