VBT# Jenny's Blue Velvet - Angela Carlie


Today's VBT# stop is Angela Carlie's novel "Jenny's Blue Velvet".
Review: Jenny's Blue Velvet - Angela Carlie - August 2013

Have you ever picked up a book solely on it's cover ? I have and this was one of them, as soon as I saw it I fell in love with the cover as the blue's were amazing and so beautiful. The book on the other hand was a different story than I expected and it reminded me of a cross between the movies Inception , Dream House and Number 23 , so readers that's what I am going to use to base my review around. Movie #1 - Inception - like the film Inception - Jenny's Blue Velvet was a book inside a book inside a book. As we read the book, we discover that the main character is an author and so she starts to write a novella inside Jenny's Blue Velvet called Candy's Obsession and soon the two stories collide and start coming together , the second movie was Dream House which stars Daniel Craig as Will Attenten. Will as we discover has come out of a mental facility and is a writer and has built himself up this fantasy world in which he lives, we later discover that the house and the lies he has created actually relate to him and that his name isn't really Will but Peter. The last movie in which I felt that Jenny's Blue Velvet was like was Jim Carrey's Number 23. In the movie, it is Jim Carrey's birthday and his wife goes to a second-hand bookshop and purchases Jim Carrey this book , little does she know is that her husband used to be in a mental asylum and the book he is reading is actually the book he wrote as part of his therapy to get better.
Once readers, start reading Jenny's Blue Velvet, you will be chucked into a world filled with multiple identities , different storylines and you may think to yourself - alright am i still on the same page as the author. It was a tough book to read , but I think if you are in the right mind and love psychological thrillers/ romances then you will enjoy Jenny's Blue Velvet by Angela Carlie.


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