VBT# Withering Hope - Layla Hagen


Review: Withering Hope - Layla Hagen - January 2015

The start of this novel has Aimee flying in to surprise her fiance Chris in Brazil a couple of days before they are set to tie the knot and forever be Man and Wife. With everyone else away it just leaves Aimee alone to fly with the pilot Tristan. They are flying over the Amazon Jungle and then tragedy strikes, the plane ends up crashing and Aimee and Tristan discover that they are stranded in the middle of the Amazon Jungle and worst off no-one knows that they are expected as Aimee was going to surprise Chris. So begins the time lost in the jungle, this part reminded me of lost stories I had read before - think Arrow with his boat crashing on the desserted island. As the novel goes along though, we discover sparks and chemistry flying between Aimee and Tristan and learn that the relationship between Chris and Aimee never had those sparks or fireworks, they have simply just been best friends forever. As days pass , weeks pass and eventually months - the hope that they will ever get out alive starts to wither and leaves both of them thinking about their future and regrets. The two start to accept their fate and fall in love , then of course they are discovered - but can Aimee still marry Chris or is her heart captured with Tristan love ? This novel follows Aimee and Tristan's journey from their first meeting , the first day the plane crashed right till the day they die. I do have to admit , if you are a crier in books and normally it takes a lot for me to cry in books - you will need tissues at the end as this last chapter had me in tears as it was so romantic and reminded me a bit of the movie "The Notebook".



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