Monday, November 6, 2017

Review: Keeping Me - Scarlett Haven

Keeping Me (Spy Chronicles Book 2)

Review: Keeping Me - Book #2 Spy Chronicles Series - Scarlett Haven - October 2017
After finishing Book #1 in this series and loving it, especially when I discovered it was a reverse harem series and felt similar to one of my favourite series - The Ghost Bird. I immediately hopped onto Amazon and went to Kindle Unlimited and got Book #2 to read . Keeping Me by Scarlett Haven picks up where Book #1 finished with Gage in a coma and Nolan on the run after he shot Gage and tried to kidnap Karlie aka Serenity. In Keeping Me we learn a bit more about Karlie's parents and her mother and how she ended up in Florida. With Nolan after Karlie, her dad decides to send her on a road trip with Sebastian aka Bass to keep safe. Though this is short-lived as Nolan catches up with them it seems and so the group of them hop on a plane and high-tail it to New Zealand. I loved this part as being from New Zealand myself, it made me smile.  While in NZ, Karlie starts to discover her feelings for the boys and her father , though it seems they have been tracked and Project Lex Luthor is initiated. With Project Lex Luthor initiated , we learn more about Karlie's Dad's past and Sebastian's family. During the Project Lex Luthor, the book has alot of Superman references which after finishing Keeping Me made me want to rewatch the Superman movies and reminded me I still have to watch Batman Vs Superman. I am now looking forward to reading Book #3 when it is released and hope to discover more about Karlie's mother and how she ended up kidnapped and with the couple who raised her. The Spy Chronicles is the perfect read for those who love spy stories and reverse harem reads.


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