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Image result for auckland armageddon

Image result for auckland armageddon

Being in New Zealand, we don't have the massive Comic-Con's and different conventions like they do overseas but we do have our own small one in a couple of the major cities around New Zealand.

This year's Armaggedon over Labour Weekend was held at the Auckland ASB Showgrounds and was an amazing collective group of fans from all around New Zealand.
There was something for everyone at the event and for those who love to cosplay and dress up , the choices were endless.

Something I did notice was that this year we had a lack of Harley Quinn's and Jokers as last Armaggedon after the release of the Suicide Squad movie , that had seemed to be the "In Costume".

My partner Bryan cosplayed this year as Corvo Attano from the Dishonoured game which came Game of the Year and he even found a buddy who had gone with the same character.

In terms of the Special Guests , we had Nathan Fillion who I was more excited to see due to his Castle Days rather than Firefly. I am more into my Crime shows than Science Fiction and John Barrowman from Arrow.  I even managed to purchase myself a Castle T-Shirt.

Image result for auckland armageddon nathan fillion

Some differences though that I did notice compared to last year's Auckland Armaggedon was that it seemed a tad smaller and less stalls avaliable. I remember last year feeling like it was never-ending whereas this year I found myself going around in circles several times . Also for those who are into more the expensive collectible figures , there wasn't the supply which makes me wonder whether they didn't get the sales the previous years, however if you are Pop Funko Crazy then you definitely had your pick which several stores selling different Pop Funkos . 

I managed to pick up an Edward Cullen , Two Liv Moore ones which brings my Pop Funko total to 44. 

Image result for Liv Moore Pop Funkos

As I am a t-shirt freak , I was happy to see a few T-shirt stores and my favourite online retailer TeeTurtle had a stall set up and I managed to snag a new one titled "Foxy Nerd".

Image result for Teeturtle Foxy Nerd

However, was another awesome day trip to Auckland and love attending Armaggedon every year. My next one will be the Tauranga event in 2018 and am hoping it will increase in size after it's first popular event here earlier this year.

Thanks to Beyond Reality and Courtney for helping put together another awesome event for the fans of Armaggedon.


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