Monday, November 6, 2017

Review: Forever Yours - Liz Lovelock

Forever Yours (Letters in Blood, #3)

Review: Forever Yours - Book #3 Letters in Blood - November 2017
Book #3 is finally here, and I was so excited that as soon as it arrived on my Kindle, I immediately went and clicked to download from the cloud. This was one of those books where I had been waiting for it to hurry up and arrive. I have loved this series by Liz Lovelock. Forever Yours was a good conclusion to the Letters in Blood series that had followed Eleanore from when she was captured and in Book #3 finally released but not left unscathed. At the end of Book #2 we were left hanging with a major cliffhanger, and in Book #3 the answers are finally revealed.  Not giving too much of the story away but I have to admit I did not see the twists coming when the author revealed who the Captor was and then when the Copycat came along - wham another twist I never saw coming. I was like OMG seriously, what are the odds, but then again it is a book so anything can happen. The only downside I had with this particular book was I was hoping for a bit more of a powerful reveal and more interaction when we discovered Eleanore's real identity and the fact she had another family out there, we got a chapter of it, but I wanted more. Overall though, Forever Yours was a good conclusion to the Letters in Blood trilogy and the killers reveal will leave you shaking your head and going how can that be, how did he manage to deceive everyone?

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