Monday, November 6, 2017

Review: Nailed - Opal Carew

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Review: Nailed - Opal Carew - August 2016
All River ever wanted to do was be her person and create nail polish and become a business owner.  After her friend persuades her to do a Kickstarter for her Nail Polish business, she is surprised when she notices that someone has brought all her options and in one single payment completed her Kickstarter amount. She contacts the buyer, and all they want in return is to meet for Dinner. River reluctantly agrees and to her surprise and a little angered the backer is none other than billionaire Kane Winters. To the world, he is the hottest billionaire bachelor, but to River, he is the guy who ruined her life back in college and forced her to drop out after her scholarship was canceled. Now Kane wants a second chance with River as he has never forgiven himself for what happened to her in College. For River, she wants to get away as far as she can from him and never see him again. Though he is offering River the opportunity of a lifetime as with his backing, he can make her Nail polish empire dreams come true. When River finds herself jobless, she reluctantly agrees. What will happen though when she finds herself being asked to be more than just a business partner or investment for Kane? Kane wants to make River his wife, will River accept? Kane, however, is hiding a secret, he is, in fact, bisexual with his partner Will - whom River also knew back in College. Can she accept both of them or will her dreams of being a Nail Polish business owner go down the toilet? Find out in Opal Carew's Nailed - a book that went from being an M/F to an M/F/M.

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