Monday, July 9, 2018

Review: Playing With Fire - Sherry D. Ficklin

Playing With Fire (#Hacker, #1)

Review: Playing with Fire - Book #1 #Hackers Series , Geek Girl Mysteries  - Sherry D. Ficklin - October 2015
Farris and her Dad are in dire need of a new beginning. Especially since last year her mum died, her friends turned her back on her, and her dad has been living in his job. Farris's dad is in the military, and they are moving to a new base. When Farris arrives, she meets a group of misfits and for the first time in a long time finds herself fitting in. If only it were that easy, as her Dad is feeling the pressure at work and someone is trying to mess with the base and the planes. Farris knows she can help as computers are her thing, but what happens when she starts to dig and finds out her new friends could be suspects. When one of the threats causes harm to her Dad, Farris steps up her game and skills to find the real #hacker and person behind the threat? What will happen though when she soon learns that she can't trust anyone especially not the nerd next door - Reid? Can Farris save the day and her father's job at the base? Find out in Playing with Fire. A fun, fast-paced YA novel filled with hacking, computers, and adventures and not to mention an awesome spy girl feel. Fans of Shannon Greenland's Spy Specialists and Ally Carters Gallagher Girl series will love Sherry D. Ficklin's #Hackers.


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