Monday, July 9, 2018

Review: A Study in Shifters - Majanka Verstraete

A Study In Shifters (The Adventures of Marisol Holmes, #1)

Review: A Study in Shifters - Book #1 Adventures of Marisol Holmes - Majanka Verstraete - June 2018
I have always been a fan of Sherlock Holmes and tales of YA mysteries. I love teen detective books. I loved the twist of this book where we discovered that not only was Marisol related to the great Sherlock Holmes, but she is also part jaguar and is a shapeshifter. Marisol is a half-blood and heir to the shifter throne as her mother is Duchess and the Jaguars rule the shapeshifter kingdom. After a recent mission went completely wrong and Marisol not only felt betrayed by someone she thought she loved, but she also lost her cousin and the ability to shift into a jaguar. Now to get back to the Conclave and do what she does best by solving mysteries. She must remain under supervision when she is completing her fieldwork and spy assignments. The latest one is a difficult one for her as a leopard shifter has been killed and the killer is being made to look like a Jaguar did it. This is highly unlikely as Marisol is about to discover. Who wants Jaguars to look weak? What happens though when Marisol discovers that her worst nightmare has returned and now to save her friends, she must play a game of wits with him once again? Can Marisol save the day and prove not only her worth to the Conclave but also will pushing herself to force her Jaguar to be unleashed and give her once again the ability to shift? Find out in this fast-paced mystery and stay tuned for more Marisol Holmes adventures. P.S This book ends on a cliffhanger, and I have to admit I did not see this ending coming. 


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