Sunday, November 3, 2019

Review: Sticking to the Script - Stella Weaver

Sticking to the Script (Cipher Office #2)

Review: Sticking to the Script - Book #2 Cipher Office Series - Stella Weaver - October 2019
I have been enjoying the books released by the Smartypants Romance series as it gives me a chance to read a book I know will be awesome but also to be reunited with favorite past characters. I had enjoyed Book #1 in the Cipher Office series which was Carlos and Rian's story - which we do get to see glimpses of the duo in Book #2.  Book #2 Sticking to the Script is Steven's story, he works as a VP of Financial Operations for the Cipher Office team and we learn he is also gay. He also doesn't have the best taste in men and seems to attract the crazies of the gay world especially King who has a sexual kink of licking armpits and becomes Steven's stalker throughout the whole book. While accompanying his friend Elizabeth ( she features in the Knitting in the City series) at a work colleague's farewell as she is a Doctor, he meets Dr Ken Miles aka DKM. There is something about him that doesn't sit right with Steven and he becomes curious.  The pair start a friendship and we learn that DKM is, in fact, bisexual and has feelings for Steven, however Steven is oblivious for quite a huge chunk of the book and thinks Ken is straight and just wants a friend. I don't normally enjoy reading M/M books but found this one really easy to read and the author had included lots of gay characters but yet it didn't feel in your face or forced. I really liked the characters of Steven and DKM as you could tell they were both genuinely nice people and that Ken was an awkward character. Later too when Ken came out to his family, they had good chemistry and you could tell all the characters in this story were good people except King of course - he was a grade-A - Jerkface.  It was also good reading this book and being reunited with favorite characters and seeing the birth of Quinn and Janie Sullivan's baby and Kat's lead-up to her wedding with Dan which those who have read the Knitting in the City books will remember the full story.  I am now looking forward to reading the other books published by Smartypants Romance.

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