Sunday, November 3, 2019

Review: Sunny Springs Sins - Arlo Arrow and Elizabeth A . Lance

Sunny Springs Sins (Sunny Springs High #3)

Review: Sunny Springs Sins - Book #3 Sunny Springs High Series - Arlo Arrow and Elizabeth A. Lance - October 2019

After reading the first two books in the series and the Book #2 ending on a cliffhanger, I wanted to continue reading the series. I have to admit though that after this book, I am not too sure I want to continue if there will be anymore as I don't know if it's myself reading about teens and I'm too old for it or the fact that I found the characters in this book freaking whiny brats. Especially the main character Helena. Like ok, your boyfriend whom you only just started dating has to move to San Francisco - accept the fact and move on. Don't act like a whiny brat that you're mother won't let him stay as hello, you hated his guts recently and you haven't really been dating that long.  I did like Payton's character as she owned her decision and the guys all worked well together.  The other character I enjoyed when she finally grew some guts and dumped the jerk was Karen. The whole Daniel and Helena storyline just frustrated me and then when it got exciting about the revenge photos and the giant expose that we are used to seeing in the previous two books, this particular one felt rushed and then glossed over and felt like no justice was served to the actual guilty parties.
I think this book was more suited to those aged 14-16+ and maybe it was my age that I felt frustrated with the characters. Sunny Springs Sins was a borderline 3 P rating for myself.

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