Sunday, January 12, 2020

Review: Bullied - Vera Hollins

Bullied (Bullied, #1)

Review: Bullied - Book #1 Bullied Series - Vera Hollins - August 2019

I have been enjoying the bullymance trope and read so many bully books, some have been DNF's, others average and then you get the odd one that stands out. Bullied by Vera Hollins was one of those bully stories that took a different twist. The book starts with Sarah moving into a new town with her mother and meeting her neighbors - twin brothers Hayden and Kayden. Hayden, she never warmed to as he always from day one treated her like she was dirt whereas Kayden became her best friend. We learned though that for some messed up reason, Sarah loved Hayden and cared for Kayden as a friend. One night out with their friends an accident occurs which leaves Kayden dead. From that day on, Sarah is tormented day in and day out by not only Hayden but also his group of friends as they all blame her for Kayden's death and branded her as a murderer. Every day they tortured her like crazy and she couldn't get away from it. That is until the start of a new school year and Sarah meets a new girl Jessica and stands up for her as she is bullied by Blake. Sarah has reached her breaking point and this year will try and stand up to the bullies. As the book goes along though they won't let her and it seems that this time the bullying antics have been upped and if she's not careful, she might just find herself six feet under next to Kayden.  Bullied by Vera Hollins touches on quite a few edgy issues including mental health which features quite a lot throughout the book and how death can change people and if pushed to the brink, just how far people will go to ruin those who hurt them.

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