Sunday, January 12, 2020

Review: Claimed by a King - Lisa Lang Blakeney

Claimed by a King (The King Brothers #1)

Review: Claimed by a King - Book #1 The King Brothers - Lisa Lang Blakeney - December 2016

I have to admit when I first saw this book with the title Claimed by a King, I was going in blind and thought that it might be a royalty-based book. However, the King part was, in fact, the main male lead's surname. Camden King is 1/3 of the business. This is the story of how Camden King's heart softened and how he fell head over heels in love with his assistant Jade though of course, he would deny it heavily. The book starts with Jade having some time off and then opening her hotel door to Camden standing there demanding why she is having to time off. The pair then have a night of wild hot sex. The next day they return back to their normal lives but of course, the environment has shifted and despite the pair of them denying their feelings right the way through the whole novel and yes, I have to admit I did get frustrated with it myself as I was like Hurry Up and admit your feelings for Jade as he kept firing everyone who looked at her and getting all worked up and by the end, I was getting sick of his denying that he had feelings for her as it was freaking obvious. During the book too, we learn that Jade has a stalker and it turns out to be a cop who is related to her ex-boyfriend Tyler. I had hoped that we would have read a bit more into this storyline as it was considered a cold case and would have made an interesting mix to the King storyline as it did interweave but it was glossed over.  If you are wanting a hot romance story and a strong alpha male to bend you into submission, then Claimed by a King by Lisa Lang Blakeney is the read for you.

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