Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Review: Dancer - Jenna Rose


Review: Dancer - Jenna Rose - November 2019

Hope dreams of one day being able to live a different life, a life where she can go to college and be free. Instead, she is in debt to a slimebag Daryl as after her parents are murdered, Hope finds out that they owed a loan shark $50K and now in order to pay off her parents' debt, she has to strip and dance at Daryl's club. Before her first night, she is contemplating her future when she meets a mysterious hunky man and they share an amazing passionate strangers kiss. She leaves before he gets her name. Turns out the guy was Brock who is a big deal in Boston and very wealthy. The next day Hope starts her new job and is called to a VIP session. Turns out the VIP session is for Brock and he hasn't been able to stop thinking about Hope. One thing leads to another and he pays off Daryl and frees Hope. The pair haven't been able to stop thinking about the night they first met and one thing leads to another and they begin a romance. What happens though when Hope finds a picture of her parents in Brock's office? Was he involved in their deaths and is Brock just another wealthy version of Daryl or is he really Mr. Nice Guy who loves her? Find out in this quick sexy read by Jenna Rose - Dancer.

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