Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Review: Entranced (Part 1) - Jessica Sorensen

Entranced: Part One (Guardian Academy, #1a)

Review: Entranced - Book # Part 1 - Guardian Academy Series - Jessica Sorensen - October 2015

I decided that this year I am making it my goal which I have to admit I do try every year is to read my older books off my devices instead of buying new ones.  Thank goodness for KU as it saves me a lot of money.  Years ago, when New Adult was first coming out on the market - one of my favorite NA authors was Jessica Sorensen and so I brought all her books and most have sat on my kindle since 2015-ish. Entranced is Part #1 of the Guardian Academy series where we meet Alana Avery. Her parents are Keepers - they are the ones who hunt down the baddies and her grandfather is a Foreseer - a bit like an Oracle. In Alana's world, the kids receive a mark that will tell them what they are destined to be. Alana is late to get her mark and her family are in for a surprise as unlike the Keeper mark they expected, Alana has been destined to become a Guardian - which to her is the worst job. Alana now has to attend an academy for Guardians and train up and be away from her friends. Here she meets two werewolves twin brothers Jax and Dash. Before she leaves for the Academy, her grandfather gives her a dagger to protect with her life and visits her in a dream world. What happens though when her grandfather is killed and it seems to be surrounding the whereabouts of the dagger? Can Alana help not only solve her grandfather's death as he was murdered but also protect and keep hidden the dagger that he obviously risked his life to steal and keep hidden? Entranced Part#1 ends on a major cliffhanger. However, this book was republished and is also available as one complete story under the same title - Entranced.

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