Saturday, January 4, 2020

Review: King of Chatham - London St. Charles

King of Chatham (Kings of the Castle Book 2)

Review: King of Chatham - Book #2 Kings of the Castle Series - London St. Charles - November 2019

When I first saw this series it really interested me to read, so I have been gathering the books as they are released. I have to admit the characters surprised me too as when I think of Kings, I thought it was at first - Royalty boundaries but then it became clear that it was more suburb boundaries as the book is set in Chicago. It also has a mafia suspense feel to the covers too and I wondered if the Kings were baddies but as I got to know the main character in King of Chatham Reno and his buddies - the other Kings, I realized that they were all deep down really nice guys who appear tough but deep down have big hearts and want to help and clean the city up. King of the Chatham starts off with us meeting Zuri - a Tanzanian female who has returned home despite warnings to mourn her mother at her funeral. During that night, her father tries to stop her from leaving but she manages with her Mama Winnie's help to escape. Her mother before she died, made sure to give Winnie an address for Zuri to use if she was ever in danger.  Mariano aka Reno DeLuca is King of Chatham and owns a Women's Shelter for abused females. When Zuri arrives he wants to help her and feels a strong connection. During the book, he tries his best not to get romantically involved with her but by the end of the book, he gives in to temptation.  Though not before we are given a big huge suspense and action-packed storyline. I really enjoyed this series and looking forward to reading the other King's stories.  King of Chatham has something for everyone from friendships to romance to suspense and edginess. There was also a character in this book Xavier who is a policeman who has his own story - The Husband We Share which I am looking forward to reading as the blurb reminds me of Taryn Fisher's The Wives.

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