Sunday, January 12, 2020

Review: King of Lawndale - Janice M. Allen

King of Lawndale (Kings of the Castle Book 9)

Review: King of Lawndale - Book #9 Kings of the Castle Series - Janice M. Allen - December 2019

This is a series that I have found myself enjoying more than I thought I would. It is a series about brotherhood coming together in times of need and that despite everything that is thrown their way to try and sabotage the good they are trying to achieve, deep down they try to keep their chins up and prove that being a good guy if you stick it out will always prosper and that karma is real and can bite you on the butt when you don't expect it. King of Lawndale features Dwayne Harper who was the last of Khali's boys to take up his place at the table of the Castle. Dwayne's field of choice and passion is Education and being a mentor to the boys just like Khali was to him.  Dwayne has started a school which is the first of its kind where it only takes 20-30 kids at a time and all the attention is focused on finding the boys passions and working on that field. As Dwayne believes that parent help is another big part of the boys succeeding, he also offers parents the chance to have some schooling of their own.  However, in the town of Chicago, there are some people who want to put a stop to Dwayne and are willing to make some bad rumors to slander his name. When one of them manages to blackmail one of his students it becomes personal, even more so when Dwayne's partner Tiffany becomes a target as they know her secret - one she has kept since she was fourteen years old.  With the help of his friends - the other Kings and his family, can Dwayne prove to his students that the good guys always win out in the end? Find out in Book #9 of the Kings of the Castle Series.

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