Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Review: The Quiet Game - Cassandra Hallman

The Quiet Game

Review: The Quiet Game - Book #1 Pushed Aside series - Cassandra Hallman - July 2018
When Elisa's parents died and she became an orphan, she ended up as a ward of the state. It was her first foster home when she was four years old that she met Jaxon. He was seven years old and grew to protect her. That was until an incident happened when he was at school and he managed to get her removed from that house. Sadly though, Elisa didn't have the greatest of homes and learned that it was easy to become invisible and a shadow so she adapted the five words a day maximum technique and over the years preferred not talking. One night when she is thirteen, she escapes from her home and meets three older boys Colt, Hunter and Jax. She doesn't quite remember him, but he does her. Jax sets out over the years to protect her as he has connections inside the system. Eventually, he has her moved to a group home where she starts to flourish and make friends finally. Life is looking up for Elisa as she has a great friend in Jen and she is starting to have feelings for Jax. Will Jax let her into his life and what will happen when she learns the truth about Jax? The Quiet Game gets quite intense in the last couple of chapters as Jax's friend Colt goes off the deep end and threatens everyone that Elisa loves and cares about to get back at Jax. When he doesn't get his own way, he will go after the one thing Jax loves the most - Elisa. Can Elisa finally use her voice to save herself and say what she wants for her future? Find out in the first book of the Pushed Aside series by Cassandra Hallman. A book that reminded me of the early NA series.

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