Sunday, January 12, 2020

Review: Say Something - A Hate List Novella - Jennifer Brown

Say Something: A Hate List Novella

Review: Say Something - Book #1.5 - Hate List Series - Jennifer Brown - January 2014
Readers of The Phantom Paragrapher will know that a topic that I find fascinating and I like to read about is school shootings, as someone who was bullied I can feel for the loners and the outliers as often I feel like an outcast myself - yet I know I wouldn't go to the acts of extreme that these people committed. One of the very first schools shooting novels that I read was The Hate List by Jennifer Brown. This novella was released in 2014 and is a book that I have had sitting on my kindle for years. Say Something is set the beginning of the senior year and going through the aftermath of the incident and the school trying to return back to some sort of normalcy. Say Something is told from the perspective of David Judy who was good friends with Nick - he was the shooter.  During this book, David starts to flashback to memories before the shooting and realizes that he knew Nick was going to do something but at the time he didn't say anything and this novella - David will see incidents and just wish that people would speak up but he soon learns that the world is silenced and more often than not filled with cowards who are too scared to confront what is happening. If only David had said something, would Nick still be alive today? Would those who have been killed be here? Would anything have changed? Find out in Say Something by Jennifer Brown - a novella that will leave you thinking the " What If " questions.

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