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Review: Streaks of Blue - Jack Chaucer

Streaks of Blue

Review: Streaks of Blue - Book #1 Nikki Series - Jack Chaucer - September 2013
After reading Say Something by Jennifer Brown, I was in the mood for another school shooting type novel or something with a bit of an edgy tragedy feel to it.  I needed something to feel and connect too rather than a sexualized romance. Streaks of Blue by Jack Chaucer is another story that I have had on my kindle for years and only just gotten around to reading. This book starts off with our main female character Nikki and her best friend Candace hiking and Nikki wanting to camp out under the stars just like her current idol Cheryl Strayed from Wild which is her favorite book at the moment. During her sleep, Nikki has the craziest of dreams and is left with a few clues that she must befriend Adam Upton and stop him from doing something crazy at 12.14 pm. Nikki talks to Candace and as she does they are convinced that it means a possible school shooting as the anniversary of the Newton school shooting is coming up fast and what a day to pull one of your own. Nikki and Adam used to be friends in second grade and went their separate ways but this year she will make it her goal to befriend Adam. It's not going to be easy as Adam has a friend Thomas "Lee" Harvey who is ready to go with their plan and won't let Nikki or Adam stop him from completing his mission. I really enjoyed this book as I feel like if I was in this situation, I hope I would be like Nikki as she spoke up and said something and despite others' protests, she continued trying to befriend Adam and his family and in a way she brought Adam and his family closer together. I am now looking forward to reading the next two books in the Nikki Series by Jack Chaucer.

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  1. Thanks for your awesome review, Paula. I just published the fourth and final book in the Nikki series actually, so just let me know if you need any e-copies!
    Best, Jack Chaucer


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