Monday, January 6, 2020

Review: Twisted Blue Bloods - Devyn Forrest

Twisted Blue Bloods: A Highschool Bully Romance - Crestwood Academy Book 3

Review: Twisted Blue Bloods - Book #3 Boys of Crestwood Academy - Devyn Forrest - December 2019

Book #3 starts off where Book #2 finished with Kennedy and her mother Sarah Harper on the doorsteps of the Blair Mansion on Thanksgiving evening. The pair are armed with the diary and ready for answers which will reveal that Damon Blair is, in fact, Sarah's father and Kennedy's Grandfather.  The first half of this book has Damon recalling the story of the love of his life - Kelly Woods. The girl from Ridgewood that turned his life upside down and for a brief three years made him think that he could escape and dream of leaving Crestwood. I have to admit after reading the character of Hailey Blair, I had assumed that she would have gotten her rudeness from her parents but as the book goes along - Richard Blair and even Hailey's mother Sylvia soften and are happy with the idea of new family members. It seems though that not everybody is happy about the Blair's tainted bloodline coming out into the open and want it to stay hidden especially the other three founding families including Headmaster Franklin whom stormed the castle drunk and took off with Kennedy in an OMFG scary cliffhanger ending where I spent the whole aftermath of finishing the book going Nooooo, OMG somebody save her.  I now cannot wait for Book #4 to hurry up and be released as this cliffhanger is one of the top cliffhanger intense moments. 

The Boys of Crestwood Academy by Devyn Forrest is definitely one of the Top 5 bullymance series I have read.


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