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Book Spotlight: THE HEART'S GAME by Crista McHugh


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Synopsis: The Heart's Game - Book #4 The Kelly Brothers Series - Crista McHugh - July 2014

What happens at Comic-Con, stays at Comic-Con…

Robotics engineer Jenny Nguyen has given up on finding Mr. Right. So when her brother and his husband approach her to act as surrogate for their child, she sees it as her only chance to have a child and accepts. One week after she initiates the process, however, she meets a man who gets her heart pumping for all the right reasons and gives into the temptation. When the test turns positive, she’s believes she can’t handle both the pregnancy and dating, but she underestimates how persistent a Daniel Kelly can be.

When surgeon and gamer-geek Dan meets a pretty woman dressed as a Sailor Scout at Comic-Con, a roll of his lucky 20-sided die tells him he should take a gamble on her. One night of passion leaves him longing for more, but Jenny’s refusal to return his calls afterward leaves him wondering if the attraction was one-sided. An accidental discovery of her pregnancy has him convinced the baby is his, and he’ll stop at nothing to win her heart.

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20733724-the-heart-s-game?from_search=true

Excerpt 3:

Dan remained in bed, staring at the frame of light created by the closed door and wondering where things had gone wrong. He hadn’t come to Comic-Con looking to score. Hell, he hadn’t even considered taking Jenny back to his room when he’d first spotted her at the bar last night. And now she had him wanting to break all his rules and wishing he could have more than just one night of hot sex.

It was a dilemma that could only be resolved by one thing—a roll of his lucky die.

He found his pants and pulled out the twenty-sided piece of plastic. If he rolled high, he’d push one more time for her number or e-mail. If he rolled low, he’d let her go. He closed his eyes, asked his question, and tossed it onto the nightstand.


Dan frowned. He wanted a clear indication one way or another, not a neutral response. He picked up the die and rolled it again.


Fucking piece of plastic.

The bathroom door opened, and Jenny emerged, fully clothed. “Thanks again, Dan, for everything.”

An uncomfortable ache formed in his chest, and he glanced at the lucky die one more time in vain hope it had changed to a twenty when he wasn’t looking. “You, too, Jenny. And who knows—maybe we’ll see each other at Comic-Con next year.”

A weak smile formed on her lips. “Maybe so. But remember—what happens at Comic-Con, stays at Comic-Con.”

A lump formed in his throat. His mind was screaming at him for letting her go like this, but he had to respect her wishes. He swallowed hard to shove the lump into his stomach. “Exactly.”

She took a step toward him like she was about to change her mind, but then spun around and ran for the door like she was being pursued by a pack of direwolves.

The bang of it closing behind her echoed longer in his mind than it did in reality. He picked up the die and asked, “Did I do the right thing letting her go? High yes, and low no.”

He let it go and checked the answer.



He flopped back on the pillows and stared at the ceiling. His lucky die had never been wrong before. He just had to trust it and hope he hadn’t made a huge mistake by not chasing after Jenny.


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