VBT# Charming - Krystal Wade


Review: Charming - Krystal Wade - October 2014

This was an interesting book as judging by the cover , I knew the girl would get kidnapped and I assumed it would turn out to be a bit of a BDSM novel but it wasn't and then I started thinking about the title Charming and wondered if she was kidnapped by a sexual offender but in a way she was but not in the way that I thought e.g chatting to him in a sexual manner via IM. What Charming turned out to be was a teenage novel with the topic of abuse as meet Haley whose father has an alcohol problem and had been violently abusive towards Haley's mother until she tried to run away one night with Haley and ended up crashing the car and dying leaving poor Haley behind. Ever since that night, Haley has endured physical and verbal abuse from her father day in and day out. The only person she can really talk to about things is her mother's grave in which she visits secretly as if her dad ever found out Haley believes he would kill her. The novel goes along till Haley finally agrees to go on a date with Chris Charming - hence the title. He seems to start to be the only bright spark in Haley's life until danger strikes and Haley finds herself kidnapped by someone she thought was her friend - according to him, he is saving Haley from the danger and wants to give her a "real' family. The story goes along with lots of twists and turns and then Haley finds herself near death one night when her father lets loose , will she wake up from this or is her life finally over and is she finally free from all the torment and pain she has suffered ? Has the ropes that binded her life finally been cut free and let loose ? 
Find out in Charming by Krystal Wade , a word of advice this book is not a read for the faint-hearted as it touches on quite a lot of gritty and edgy content.



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