VBT# The Edge of You - Theresa DeLayne

Review: The Edge of You - Theresa DeLayne - September 2014

Love can find each other in even the smallest of places and the coldest of climates and in the circumstances you could never imagine. In The Edge of You by Theresa DeLayne, we will meet two people whose lives just never seem to give them a break , but in all the downsides that occur , they will find comfort and love in one another - a happy place.
For Jake it has always been his mother and him, hoping to start and provide a better life for him mother Jake moves to Alaska and takes a job on a fishing boat , what will happen though when Jake returns home to find his mother is even sicker than he imagined ? Hoping to help her get better Jake moves her to the hospital where their insurance covers her , but when things get too bad and she needs an operation which Jake doesn't have the money for ? What will he do and even worse when his job goes up in flames "literally" ? Will Maya be the bright spark in his life that will help Jake to make the right decisions and will she be there when he needs her the most ?
For Maya , ever since her little sister Gracie died - her family that were once so close are falling apart and when her dad gets a job promotion it means that the whole family is moving away to Alaska. Is this the fresh start they need to get away from the memory of Gracie's death or will they discover that no matter how far they run, it will always be niggling in the back of their mind ? Maya's about to realise that her hopes are wishes and that even wishes that could possibly come true, don't as her mother turns further into her drinking for comfort and to forget and her father comes home smelling of perfume and staying late at his job. Maya had the chance to be an artist with a full ride , but when they moved she lost it. She has started taking Art Classes at the local College, where she meets Jake. Is Jake the something new and a clean slate that Maya has been looking for ? Can Jake help Maya make sense of her life and fill in the missing pieces ?
 Find out in this touching and moving New Adult romance "The Edge of You" by Theresa DeLayne and if you have read Cassia Leo's "Black Box" , then you will enjoy this book as in a way I found them similar.



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