Friday, February 5, 2016

Review: Magic Wand Ranch - Caroline Mickleson

Magic Wand Ranch

Review: Magic Wand Ranch - Caroline Mickelson - June 2015

Fiona is a Fairy Godmother and has a job assignment coming up in London and she is busy counting down the days till she arrives. That is until her old boss Lucas shows up and has one little assignment for her to do before she heads to the land of Big Ben,  The London Eye and Buckingham Palace. A Fairy Godmother is in need for Bethany as she has been stressed out lately and decided to extend her holiday, which means her two boys who are currently being looked after by their Rodeo Cowboy uncle Cody needs a touch of Mary Poppins . As Fiona arrives, she finds herself a little out of depth, but as the book goes along - she finds herself not only having fun with the boys but also falling for Mr. Cowboy . How can this happen now, just as she is about to leave for the other side of the world ? Will Love be revealed for Cody and Fiona ? Or will things be too late with Cody heading off on his new Rodeo Circuit and Fiona off to London and never being able to mutter those three words that everyone wants to hear in their lives at one point or a rather ?

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