VBT# Twisted Sisters - Kimber Leigh Wheaton

Kimber Leigh Wheaton is back with the next book in The Orion Circle series , which has more ghostly and ghastly business on their plates at the moment and if that wasn't enough tensions are raising through the roof as these new sets of ghosts are finding their way into your negative thought waves. The story starts off with two girls buying a Ouija board at a toy store and pretending to summon ghosts in their sorority house. What happens though is that they in fact raise three spirits who have been bound since the late 1970's when three students were killed as part of a manipulative experiment by a high school professor of psychology Jefferey - it seemed that Jefferey was also special and had the power of persuasion and mind control. Eventually he died, but that still left three unhappy ghosts and one live person Angela to pick up the messes. With jealousy and feuds happening among the members of The Orion Circle, can the team especially Kacie, Daniel and Logan work together ? This being more complicated as the spirits in the house love feeding on the negative jealousy thoughs until they fester and grow into something nasty. What happens though when things seem to be heading on a downward spiral with this case rather than resolution ? Has the Orion Circle bitten off more than Blake can chew ? Will Kacie find herself possessed by another evil spirit bent on revenge ? 
Find out in another awesome book in the series "The Orion Circle" by Kimber Leigh Wheaton and I am looking forward to any new book that may come out in this series.


  1. Thanks for participating in my tour. I'm glad you enjoyed Twisted Sisters :)


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