Thursday, February 4, 2016

Review: Remember Me - Michelle Mankin

Continuing on from Book #1 Find Me , Annabelle is back at home trying reluctantly to work things out with her husband Charles. It's a struggle but she will do anything to ensure that her son's Trent and CJ's lives and futures are not threatened , even if it means she has to sacrifice her love and life. I found Remember Me , a bit of an annoying read as I just wanted to grab Annabelle by the shoulders and shake her and say to her "Look, your sons will understand completely if you tell them what is going on " and you have your friend Claire and of course the lovely Johnny Lightning (who btw is a former rockstar) to help support you. I did wonder if Annabelle in this book was using her husband as an excuse because she was too scared to lose him or her self-confidence had taken that much of a dive - that she couldn't believe someone like Johnny would love her - which is sad. This does happen though as women , we often fall in love and sometimes we can get a great guy that makes us happy and thinks the world for us and shows it , whereas other times we can get a guy who can make us question whether or not we are making the right choice and often have that niggly insecurity feeling at the back of your mind and constantly sacrificing yourself for others.  In saying that though, the part that I did love most about Remember Me is that we get an insight into Annabelle's past and we get to meet her siblings , which I enjoyed and when the truth is revealed about Johnny and he whispers and turns up in the suit - that made me swoon and I was like YAY - He came back :).
If you love contemporary romance and are sick of reading about Teen Angst or the New Adult age group but still want the feel of love , sex and rock n roll - then you will fit right at home with Michelle Mankin's Finding Me 3-part series.

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