Thursday, February 4, 2016

Review: Find Me - Michelle Mankin

Find Me (Finding Me, #1)

Review: Find Me - Part #1 Finding Me Series - Michelle Mankin - January 2016

If you love romance novels and sick of reading ones where the characters are in their early to mid 20's and filled to the brim of angst , then you need to check out Michelle Mankin's new series "Finding Me" as Part #1 introduces readers to the two main characters - Annabelle aka Anna who is in her early forties and Johnny Lightning who is mid 30's. Anna is currently going through a time-out from her life as she has finally had enough of her husband's philandering ways and needs time alone to recuperate and decide her next steps. Her husband Charles is owner of Zenith Productions and his arch-nemises is Black Cat Records - which readers will remember from Michelle's earlier works. Anna's best friend Claire's brother owns a house on a small island and offers it up to Anna to live in for a while and Claire will look after her teenage boys. Anna arrives and meets Johnny who turns out to be Claire's brother . The pair are stand-offish at first, but then Johnny starts to soften and we readers hope that Anna has finally found someone who will love her for her and not settle and use Anna as a second prize token. Readers are left wondering at the end of Find Me - Part #1 what will become of Anna and Johnny as Charles heads to the island - to "try again" for the sake of their family ? Will Anna go along with it, to keep the peace or has she finally grown some guts to stand up to him and choose Johnny ? 
Find out in Part #1 "Find Me" by Michelle Mankin and stay tuned for Part #2 - Remember Me.

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