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Guest Post: 3 Questions to Understanding Mom - Amanda Mawhinney

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Finding Mom

3 Questions to Understanding Mom
"Mom" what does that word mean to you? Woman who gives birth? … Female who loves her offspring? … Child care taker?...  Homemaker?... Teacher?... Nurturer? I love being a mom, but I know that sometimes the title of mom can be overwhelming. There is so much to do and the responsibility of raising a person is a huge.
What most moms don’t realize is that you won't be the best mom by focusing all of your energy solely on your children. That just leads to feeling stressed, overwhelmed and burned-out. A great mom finds a balance between caring for her family and caring for herself. This creates a happier mom who in turn can take better quality care of her family.

How can moms take care of themselves?
Sometimes the title of "mom" blurs a woman's personal identity. Sometimes moms get too busy taking care of others to take care of themselves. Sometimes moms just don't know where to start with their self-care. Answer these 3 questions to understand more about yourself so that you can pinpoint what you want to do for your own self-care.
Question 1.  Who are you? You probably aren't the same person that you were before you had kids. You may have different struggles and opportunities in your current day to day life than were in your previous life stage.
Question 2.  What do you want to do? What are your hopes, interests, dreams, desires and aspirations? What makes you excited? What makes you smile? Your goals and interests may have changed after having kids or they may be the same. All that matters is that they are important to you.
Question 3. How are you going to do it? Things can be difficult when you have a nursing infant, have a toddler who constantly needs attention, or a child that needs extra help with their schoolwork. Sometimes a little bit of pre-planning can go a long way to turning what you want to do into reality.

"Finding Mom" is a book that is all about mom's embarking on the journey of self-discovery. The book takes moms through a detailed self-analysis to help you to re-find or reinvent yourself. Moms can take a personality quiz and determine what they can realistically do to achieve a well- balanced life. Mom, are you ready to start finding YOU? Buy your copy of "Finding Mom" 

Amanda Mawhinney is an author and personal development coach for moms. You can find more ways to take care of moms and their families on Amanda's blog, My Koala Pouch-www.mykoalapouch.blogspot.com.

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