Monday, October 3, 2016

Review: The Hurricane - R.J Prescott

You know how you pick up some books and they surprise you, well The Hurricane by R.J Prescott was one of those books for me. I had expected a fighter type romance, and I did get that, but the characters got to a bit more than others. In The Hurricane, we have our boxer Cormac O'Connor or Con as he friends call him or if you are Emily's friends, then it's McHottie. We then have our female lead character Emily McCarthy, now Emily is your more than meets the eye type of female which is my favorites. In a way I felt what Emily was going through in that trapped sense but not that I have experienced the level of abuse that she went through. Have you ever read a book and just connected with a character on a different level? That was the way I felt with Emily. Emily has escaped her past and tried to start fresh and attending university, working in a diner where she has captured the attention of Danny - an owner of the local gym. Danny hires Emily for a job; it is here she gets to know Cormac and his friends and starts to open her heart to new possibilities. She still has that nagging feeling though that she will be found and continues to hold her guard up. What will happen though when she starts to let down her guard, and it causes the people, she loves to get hurt? Will this force Emily to run and hide once again or will she realize that this time around she is not alone – this time around she has a good solid group of friends and people who love her and will do anything to stand by and protect her.  I am now looking forward to reading Book #2 The Aftermath by R.J Prescott as if it is anything to go by the first book I will sure to enjoy it just as much.

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