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Review: 25 Days - Claire Adams

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25 Days

Review: 25 Days - Claire Adams - December 2015

One of my favorite romance writers is Claire Adams as she goes for the Cinderella type stories but also chucks in the aspect of a theme I love to read about.  In 25 Days, it is the countdown to Christmas. Ever since Chloe's mom passed away, she and her father's relationship has been estranged. It has been five years since she has spent Christmas vacation with her family, but with her degree coming to an end. Her dad has given her an ultimatum, come to their house in Aspen for Christmas - the month of December and then she will receive money to help her start her clothing line. Chloe reluctantly agrees and heads to Aspen. Here in Aspen, she will learn that life can throw curveballs and the most unexpected things can happen in a short period of time. Things like creating a stronger family bond and falling in love with both a guy and the snow in Aspen. Finn is your typical playboy who has a different woman warm his bed each night , he never remembers their names as he's not going to call them back , so why bother. That is until he meets Chloe who appears to be immune to his playboy charms. As the book goes on, they both start to see each other in a different light but what happens when they discover their fathers have a long-standing feud. Will their happily ever after be over before it even begins ? Then of course, tragedy ensues and if you are like me your breath will be held and you will go NOOOOOO how could Claire do this to us . 25 Days was a good romantic read and even include a favourite of mine - gaming and talking about video games like Resident Evil.


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