Sunday, July 9, 2017

Review : All the Beautiful Brides - Rita Herron

All the Beautiful Brides (Graveyard Falls, #1)

Review: All The Beautiful Brides - Book #1 Graveyard Falls Series - Rita Herron - September 2015

In the mood for a good serial killer mystery series? Scrolling through my Kindle yesterday, I was in the mood for a Murder mystery novel and came across the Graveyard Falls series by Rita Herron.  All the Beautiful Brides has several storylines running through the book. The first is Mona Monroe has moved to the small town of Graveyard Falls after her husband Brent was killed and now is on a mission to find her birth mother who lived in Graveyard Falls thirty years ago. Currently, though she has turned up on the 30th anniversary of the Thorn Killer who killed three girls on Prom Night. Johnny has been sitting in prison for the past thirty years, and he is adamant that he is innocent, up for parole now he has his fingers crossed, but now someone is imitating the murders. Does this mean the killer is still at large? Though this time around the MO is a little different as the women are being dressed in Wedding Dresses. Thirty years ago Anna was going out with Johnny, and now she is back in town as her daughter Josie is researching about the Thorn Killer but doesn't know her mother's involvement. The other storyline is that Mona's husband had dark secrets and now that he is dead someone is after her? Can her husband's best friend Cal Coulter who is in town to help solve the new murders also help her figure out A) who is after her and B) shed some light on who her birth mother is? I did have a fair idea when I was reading this book on who Mona's birth parents were, even though the author chucked in another twist to keep us guessing. All the Beautiful Brides was a good read and a fast-paced mystery that kept me intrigued, and now I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

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