Saturday, July 8, 2017

Review: My Secret to Tell - Natalie D. Richards

Emerson May is your perfect example of how someone should act and is a super organizer. She is the perfect daughter, volunteers and gets good grades. The other thing she is is a good friend. The thing though is that her friends are frowned upon from her family and labeled as troublemakers.  Walking home from work one night, Emerson receives a phone call from her best friend, Chelsea. Her dad was beaten and has ended up in ICU, and her brother Deacon is nowhere to be found. Turns out though that Emerson doesn't have to look far as he is sitting in her bathroom covered in his dad's blood. Emerson cleans him up and tries as much as she can to get the truth of what happened that night from him.  It turns out that the police aren't looking too far for a suspect as they believe Deacon is responsible for harming and trying to kill his Dad. This is the same person who goes catatonic at the sight of blood due to the way his mom died when they were younger. It seems that Emerson is the only one who believes that Deacon is innocent, even her best friend Chelsea believes her brother is guilty. What will happen though when during the case secrets and lies are revealed and ones that will start to make everyone a suspect? In My Secret to Tell, Emerson will have to put on her Nancy Drew hat to decipher what's what and find the truth before her friend goes down for an attempted murder he didn't commit. Can Emerson find the truth though before she ends up in trouble like Chelsea's dad? Find out in this Edgy YA Mystery from Natalie D. Richards - My Secret to Tell.

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