Monday, July 3, 2017

Review: Out Of Practice - Phoebe Fox

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Out of Practice (Breakup Doctor #4)

Review: Out of Practice - Book #4 The BreakUp Doctor Series - Phoebe Fox - October 2016

Brook is back as the BreakUp Doctor, and her business has been booming, that is until she reluctantly agrees to star on the Morning TV show hosted by a frenemy from High School. One thing leads to another, and this show segment ends up painting Brook as nothing but a glorified friend and makes a big joke out of her business. Whoever said any publicity is good publicity has not met the people of Brook's town as patients week by week starting to cancel, and her numbers start dwindling. If this wasn't stressful enough, Brook has some family issues going on as her Dad has now passed away and her mother is starting to show signs of possible dementia though it seems no-one else in the family is strong enough to breach the topic with her mother and as Brook is the family counsellor and Medical practitioner it's up to her. Brook has been busy trying to plan her wedding but what happens when nothing seems to be going right in the way of planning? Has Brook got cold feet or is she nervous as her first wedding ended up with her being left days before the "I Do's" were meant to be said? Out of Practice is the fourth book in the BreakUp Doctor series and by the way, the story finished, I wonder if it will be the last as the character seems to be taking a new direction. If you love cozy stories with a medical and romantic comedy feel then check out Out of Practice by Phoebe Fox today. 

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