Thursday, July 6, 2017

Review; Trouble - Avery Flynn

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Trouble (Bad Boy Homecoming, #2)

Review: Trouble - Book #2 Bad Boy Homecoming Series - Avery Flynn - June 2017

In Book #3 Prom Queen we met Jessica Jackson who terrorized the school as the Queen B and nope the B doesn't stand for Bee. In Book #2 Trouble, we meet another Jackson. This time is Jessica's big brother Drew. Drew is the local sheriff temporarily in their hometown of Catfish Creek and this weekend is about to get busy as it's the town's ten years High School Reunion and County Fair time. This book also features as the female lead Leah Camacho who was once Jessica's best friend until Jessica tried to blacklist her in High School. Now Leah lives out in Denver and owns her own business - a Pot Business and not the cooking type of pots either. Trouble has always followed Leah around, so why stop now as she gets a rental car which seems to be holding something valuable in its glove box. A rare diamond which not only do the bad guys want and will do anything to get their hands on it, it also seems like the Feds want it to. Now Leah will have her hands full this week in Catfish Creek with dodging bad guys, being bait for the FBI and if that wasn't enough she also has to put up with spending quality time and a lot of it with Sheriff Drew Jackson, the guy she has had a crush on since she was six years old. He is also the guy that broke her heart.  How much trouble can happen in one small town? Find out in Book #2 Bad Boy Homecoming Series "Trouble" by Avery Flynn.

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