Monday, October 22, 2018

Review: Boy Toy Auction - C.A Harms


Boy Toy Auction

Review: Boy Toy Auction - C.A Harms - September 2018
Wrangled into participating in a boy toy auction, Nic and his friends make a bet - to see who can raise the most money. Anything for charity right? Nic is a police officer and ends up a hot topic at the auction with that sexy body. He is won by Emerson who was attending the auction as a favor to her best friend, Gia. Gia ends up winning one of Nic's best friends, and of course, Emerson outbids for a crazy amount Nic. The pair hit it off, and you can see the sizzling chemistry steaming from the pages. Nic is not the usual type of guy Emerson finds herself typically with, as she is a daddy-pleaser and ends up dating, wining and dining the boring suits he picks. Nic excites Emerson and brings out a side of her that she had hidden away such a long time ago, that she had forgotten it existed. What happens though when Emerson and Nic start getting hot and heavy, only for Emerson's father to discover the truth and blackmail her? Will Emerson break up with Nic and fall into line like the docile daughter she is or will Emerson along with the help of her best friend Gia finally find her own two feet and stand up to her father and watch him crumble on the sidelines when she discovers a nasty truth about him? I have to admit I thought this was going to be more of a romantic comedy, but it ended up with a women's fiction/ romantic suspense theme to the story.  As auction stories are a favorite of mine, I did enjoy overall Boy Toy Auction by C.A Harms.

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