Saturday, August 3, 2019

Review: Crew - Tijan

Crew (Crew #1)

Review: Crew - Book #1 Crew - Tijan - August 2018

An author I often enjoy is Tijan, the one thing though that I have come to expect with her books is they will be filled with angst. In Bren's smalltown going to high school, you have two options - to be a normal and keep your head down and stay out of trouble or be part of a "Crew" which is like a gang but don't call them that, as they will deny it. Most Crews only consist of guys, but for Bren - she is the lone wolf. She is one of the very few members of a Crew that is female and in hers, she is the only one.  Ever since her mother died and then her father was sent to prison, for something she did. Bren has been on a downward spiral and her friends aka Crew are the only things keeping her going and normally everyone sticks to their own Crew and the peace is all good. That is until the new leader of the rival Crew seems to like hitting on Bren despite her telling him to back off. What will happen though when the Rival Crew leader's cousin comes to the high school and seems very overprotective of Bren. Now Bren will find herself the subject of an all-out Crew War and if she's not careful, her whole life might spiral more out of control than she is prepared for. One of my favorite things about Crew was the fact that Tijan referred back to characters from the Fallen Crest Series, in particular, Sam which made me smile and reminded myself that I need to finish that series. I am now looking forward to the release of Crew Princess - Book #2 in the Crew series by Tijan.

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