Saturday, August 10, 2019

Review: The Fandom Rising - Anna Day

The Fandom Rising (The Fandom, #2)

Review: The Fandom Rising - Book #2 Fandom Series - Anna Day - May 2019
It's been a year since Violet, Katie, Nate, and Alice landed in a coma at the Comic-Con which transported them into the world of their favorite novel The Gallows Dance. At first, it was fun, but soon they realized that if they didn't do something they would be stuck in the novel forever. Katie, Alice, and Violet managed to wake up and escape the world, but Violet's little brother Nate wasn't as lucky as he got shot in the world of The Gallows Dance so he has laid in his coma for more than a year. A year later the girls tried to forget their experience and saw it as a faded memory. Alice and Violet wrote it down and wrote a sequel using Nate of The Gallows Dance which became a big success. Now Violet's parents want to turn off Nate's life support which forces the girls to go back into the world. Alice is too late so it ends up being just Katie and Violet. Can they go back and save Nate, during this time the girls will discover that someone is writing the third book and changing the world of The Gallows Dance. In the real world, can Alice find out who is controlling the story and re-write it to save her friends? I did like the twists of the story but had hoped for a better outcome for the girls as in one way it felt like the whole going back had been a major waste of time. Overall, I did enjoy the story as it makes the reader wonder what life would be like if they ended up in their favorite story? Would you survive? Would the characters be as you imagined them? Would your fantasy match the reality? Find out in Book #2 of the Fandom series - The Fandom Rising by Anna Day.

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