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Review: Found in Translation - Roger and Kristi Rae Bruner

Found in Translation (Altered Hearts, #1)

Review: Found in Translation - Book #1 Altered Hearts Series - Roger and Kristi Rae Bruner - January 2011
I wasn't sure what to expect from Found in Translation, all I remembered about the book was that it was a Christian YA novel. Anything else had been forgotten as it had been sitting on my kindle for so long. Too long that it is now actually considered to be out of print. This book starts with Kim heading to Mexico for a mission trip. However, from the get-go it seems that this trip is cursed for her and that Satan is tempting her to quit. From missed emails to wrong clothes. From the get-go, Kim is being tempted to quit and take the easy road and has been given many opportunities to bow out. However, Kim is determined to prove those who have ridiculed her wrong and that she is ready to spread god's word to those who need to hear it. Kim and the rest of the group arrive in a small Mexican village that has been ravaged by tragedy. During the book, Kim meets a wide variety of different characters and makes a collection of friends and frenemies. My favorite part of this book was the relationship that Kim had with a little Mexican girl who others teased and told was cursed. The little girl attached herself to Kim and as they were both one-armed, they worked together. This part reminded me of my What If ? plan that I have always had, if I wasn't in a relationship- I have always said I would go overseas and work in an orphanage with the children and be there with them as I would find that challenging but rewarding. The other thing at the time of reading this book was that I could relate to Kim with her broken arm as while reading this book I too was recovering from a broken wrist. Readers, if you are looking for an amazing book about what life on a mission trip in the wops-wops are like, then this father/daughter duo's book Found in Translation is the read for you.

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