Friday, August 9, 2019

Review: The Heir - Selena Laurence

The Heir: A Standalone Greek Billionaire Novel

Review: The Heir - Selena Laurence - April 2019

This book is a reprint and was also titled Speaking Greek. This book starts off with Tessa heading over to the Greek islands to do an internship with a major Greek shipping company and working in the financial department. Tess is all about the rules which come from her family that consist of a DA, Police and FBI agents. Rules are very important to her and following the law. When she arrives, she bumps into Nico on the pier and they have a brief interaction. Days later, Nico can't get Tess out of his head and then imagine his surprise when she turns up to his empire that he is currently CEO of. Despite her turning him down, he continues to try his luck and eventually wears down Tess and she agrees to go on a date with him. During this time, Nico will also get Tess to help him act "normal" and not just another rich trust fund kid who has everything handed to him on a platter. During this time, Tess discovers some financial discrepancies and brings them to Nico's cousin Christos who acts very suspicious. From then on, The Heir turns into a bit of romantic suspense as of course, the company has been doing some shady business on the side which Christos has been taking care of and shielding it from Nico as he has always been the "good one", the one "above the line". When Christos ends up half-dead and Tess finds out, it is up to Nico to do the one thing he knows is right to save not only his family but also his relationship with the girl he loves - Tess.  The Heir was a good mix of romance and suspense.

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