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Review: Redemption Prep - Samuel Miller

Redemption Prep

Review: Redemption Prep - Samuel Miller - April 2020
One of the awesome things about being a book blogger and reviewer is that you get the chance to read and review books that won't be released till months later. That is like Redemption Prep which won't be released till April next year. The downside of this can be if they end on a cliffhanger but luckily Redemption Prep wasn't like that. In Redemption Prep, we meet a school where the students are all high achievers and children that in the real world had achieved greatness at such a young age. These are the children that are considered to be geniuses and prodigies. During their weekly church sessions, one of the students Emma goes missing and the school is in an uproar as strange things have started occurring now that Emma has disappeared. Has she gone home like the school wanted the students to think or is something more sinister going on? We learn that the majority of students have been taking a drug called Apex which Emma and Neesha created. This drug gives them the ability to succeed and now with Emma gone, the drug supply is running low and Neesha is worried Emma's disappearance is due to their drug distribution. Enter Evan - he was Emma's stalker in a way, but when we get down to the bare bones - I felt for Evan as he really cared about Emma and just wanted to be his friend but he was ostracised for being a weirdo.  One of the things that drew me to read this book was the tagline Riverdale meets Twin Peaks and I have to say this is more Twin Peaks than Riverdale, though the school could resemble a bit like Edgar Evernever's Farm as the students discover the nasty truth behind Redemption Prep and what they hoped to use the students for.  Can Evan and his new friends save the rest of the students from being guinea pigs for the school's teachers? Find out in this new release coming in 2020 - Redemption Prep by Samuel Miller.

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