Saturday, August 3, 2019

Review: Royally Schooled - Mckenna James

Royally Schooled

Review: Royally Schooled - Book #1 Royally Series - McKenna James - June 2019

Maggie is desperate for a job as she is having to try and pay bills as well as look after her dad as he is sick and now needs a carer when she's not home or available. Having to pull out of school, she will take anything she can get her hands on. So when her friend tells her about a tutor job, she applies. When Maggie arrives at the interview, she is shocked to find out that the role is to tutor the Royal family's children. Maggie believes since she has no idea about the royal family and that she stuffed up her interview, she won't get a callback. Turns out her lack of knowledge was a bonus as Maggie gets the job. She meets the young Prince and Princess and she clicks amazingly well with them. Later she meets the older Prince and he has a reputation as a playboy. Maggie doesn't have time for romance, so rejects him at first but his perseverance is so strong and the attraction and chemistry is visible and she later gives in to her temptation. Not wanting to risk her job and the finances as she is finally getting on top of her bills and her father's medical bills, they decide to keep it on the down-low and behind closed doors. Sadly the castle has ears and eyes everywhere and their secret ends up splashed all over the tabloids. Maggie is heartbroken as she is now all the way back to square one. The Prince realizes that he's finally found his one true love and now he must fight for the one he loves to win her back and have the rest of the royal family accept that he is in love with a commoner. One of my favorite tropes is Royalty fiction and McKenna James kept me interested right from start to finish. I am now looking forward to reading Book #2 Royal Academy for the younger Prince's love story.

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