Thursday, August 8, 2019

Review: Taking Kelsey - Kelli Wolfe

Taking Kelsey

Review: Taking Kelsey - Book #1 The Preacher's Virgin Daughters - Kelli Wolfe - April 2013

If you are wanting a very quick smutty erotica read, then Taking Kelsey is the book for you. I wasn't in the mood for anything particular as felt yuck so I grabbed a smut book as these are my sort of titles I can read as I know they are fast and also I don't have to think at all as they are mind-numbing reads as basically not much but sex happens in them. Taking Kelsey, she is the Preacher's oldest daughter and was out with a friend for some partying and fun. Her friend ends up driving drunk and is pulled over by the local policeman who is a bit of a town hottie. He lets the main girl off with a warning after he drives her home, it's now Kelsey's turn but she is stirring some passion inside of Jack and he must have her. So he strikes up a deal with her - if she sleeps with him, then he won't tell her father. She reluctantly agrees and the pair have wild sex. Of course, though you can guess where this is going to lead as A) she was a virgin and B) she's not on the pill. 
Find out in this very quick smut read by Kelli Wolfe.

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