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Review: Thirty Days - Part #2 - Belle Brooks

Thirty Days Part 2 (Thirty Days, #2)

Review: Thirty Days - Part #2 - Belle Brooks - November 2016
It had been a wee while since I had read Thirty Days Part # 1, but as soon as I started reading this book as it had picked up where the first book finished all the memories of the story started to rush back to me. Abigail has learned that she had a life before Mike and that life included Marcus, a guy whom she was about to say "Yes' to when she fell off the cliff and hit her head and ended up with amnesia. He stepped away as he felt it was for the best, I still say stupid guy as I never fully understood his reasonings. Now Abigail's memory is starting to come back and Marcus is there by her side. The thing is though that Abigail is still angry at everyone hiding things and secrets from her and this part I am still confused about why. I was hoping that in Thirty Days #2 we would see Abigail accepting her life and slowly moving forward back to her relationship with Marcus. Yet that doesn't happen as she is still putting up these unnecessary walls around her and drinking herself silly. I enjoyed parts of this book as I am a fan of the amnesia storyline but other parts not so much as I have said in other reviews plenty of times - I am not a game player and it is one of my pet hates. It's like why string the poor bugger along, tell them how you really feel. Like the first book, Part #2 also ended up on a major cliffhanger which means now I can't wait for Part #3 to finally found out whether Marcus and Abigail will ever get their HEA that they deserve or will life keep chucking obstacles in their way and they be a couple that no matter what they will always be pulled apart. 

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