Saturday, October 5, 2019

Review: Problem Child - Victoria Helen Stone

Problem Child (Jane Doe, #2)

Review: Problem Child - Book #2 Jane Doe Series - Victoria Helen Scott - March 2020
After enjoying the first book in the Jane Doe series, I was looking forward to reading Book #2 which did not disappoint us even though we still don't know Jane's real name as in this book she is still known as Jane Doe, we do get to see where she came from and meet her family members. The book starts off with the storyline of a work colleague she has been set up to fail as he keeps stealing her credit and a talk with her boyfriend Luke who wants to take things to the next level in their relationship, when Jane gets a phone call from one of her brother's baby mamas to say her niece Kayla has gone missing. Jane being a sociopath doesn't care one bit until the baby mama mentions Kayla is like her - a cold-hearted gal. Jane is then intrigued as she has never met someone else like her and if Kayla is like Jane then Jane can use her to her advantage and mentor her. Jane heads back home and is faced with her past and some bad memories but as she gets on the hunt for Kayla she learns that her niece has blackmailed the wrong family. I have to admit I didn't really like Kayla's character as she was just a sex-crazed teenager and not much else. I was hoping for a more sociopathic type teen but really she was a girl with an ego the size of Africa and thought she could get away with everything and that sex solved all her problems.  Overall this was another good book in the Jane Doe series and I am looking to see what might come next in the series and maybe one day discovering Jane's real name. For more Jane Doe adventures, check out Book #2 Problem Child by Victoria Helen Stone today.

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