Saturday, October 5, 2019

Review: Protecting Freedom - Alexa Riley

Protecting Freedom

Review: Protecting Freedom - Alexa Riley - July 2018

Wanting a quick political set romance to read? Protecting Freedom was a storyline that we have read and seen in many movies and a favorite of mine where the bodyguard falls for the president's daughter. Two of my favorite movies that include this are Chasing Liberty and First Daughter.  Honor is the President's daughter and she is coming up to eighteen. Finally she will be an adult and away from her dad's thumb as she has been looking away at colleges. She is also ready to hand in her V-card and the lucky guy is Washington - one of the bodyguards that her father has left to protect over her while he is away on business with his secretary turned lover July. What happens though when the night Washington and Honor finally do it and pictures are leaked to the press? Will this be the end of the relationship before it has even begun or will it be the start of something more beautiful? Protecting Freedom was a quick sexy instalove read and perfect if you are in the mood for a fast read and something to satisfy an immediate craving.

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