Monday, August 27, 2012

Review: Midnight in Austenland - Shannon Hale

Are you in love with Jane Austen ?
Do you love Austen themed novels ?
Have you read Austenland by Shannon Hale ?
Review: Midnight in Austenland - Book #2 Austenland Series - Shannon Hale - January 2012
For as long as I can remember I have always been an Austen fan, yet I have not really fully read her classic books but I think I am in love with the idea of Austen and the world she represented in her novel. I have read almost every single rendition of her classics from Austenland to Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict to Jane Austen Book Club in which I have also seen the film.  When I read that Shannon Hale had released a new book in her Austenland series , I just knew I had to read it so I first scoured to see if I could find an ebook version and to my surprise there was none to be found, so off I trotted to Book Depository and brought a copy :).
Midnight in Austenland takes us into the heart of Charlotte , who has just become divorced from her husband James and he is set to marry a new women named Justice. Feeling down and depressed, Charlotte decides that for the summer she needs to treat herself to a holiday . While recuperating at her parent's house, she comes across a dream list she made of all the things she wanted to do before she turned the dreaded 3-0 which I will be in 5 more years. One of her goals was to read all the Austen books ,which got me thinking that I will have to add it to my goals as well. With enough finance , she decides to treat herself to a holiday at an Austen-themed resort called Pembroke Park.
All starts well and the park is very authentic with actors galore , until one of the actors decide to play a game of sorts- a murder mystery but what happens when one of the guests at Pembroke Park take the game a little too far and Charlotte who has always had a knack for curiosity finds herself bang smack in the midst of it. Will Charlotte be the next one to be knocked off at Pembroke Park or will Charlotte with the help of Edmund Grey find the Killer ?
A fun Austen themed novel and readers stay tuned as Book #1 Austenland is being made into a movie .

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  1. I've heard really good things about this series.


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